Posted by: Sarah | July 16, 2009

Quick lit news: Nora Roberts & Lisa See

While many interesting events happen weekly on the literary scene, I wanted to take a moment to note two: 1) Nora Roberts came to Washington, D.C. on Tuesday and 2) Lisa See is having a book swap in Mar Vista, CA tonight (Thursday).

Living neither in D.C. nor California, you may ask why I care so much. Well, I’ll tell you:

Washington Capitol1)  The Washington, D.C. area is my hometown. NOVA (Northern Virginia), as we are apt to call it. It’s where I grew up and my parents continue to live. It’s also the very town that I’m having a book reading/signing on Saturday, September 5, 2009 (4 p.m.).

When I told my publicist I wanted to do an event in the D.C. area, she explained that according to the bookseller reports, Washington is not the capitol of fiction. Had I been the wife/daughter/niece of a congressman writing a memoir or political satire, more power to me.

But I lobbied for my city. Yes, politics may rule the cashbox, but I know plenty of devout fiction readers on the Hill. A few of them may hide their paperback novels behind The Audacity of Hope, but a majority are proud fiction advocates.

So when Ron Charles on Washington Post’s Short Stack blog reported that Nora Robert’s garnered a sizable crowd 550 strong, I couldn’t help a fist pump. You go, Nora!

Of course, this is the Nora Roberts we’re talking about. Come my turn in September, I’ll thank God if I can fill the chairs at Bailey’s Crossroads Borders Books. But I am a woman of faith and a believer in miracles.

Author Lisa See2)  Lisa See is fabulous. Let’s just put that out there first.

A quick story on her greatness: Awhile ago, I discovered a way to email her, but I figured, like most author emails, it would kick through to some Internet black hole never to be read by anyone, least of all its intended recipient. I sat on the email address for weeks until my curiosity got the better of me. I thought, what’ve I got to lose? If it goes to never-never-land, que sera sera. So I shot off a note. Get this— she wrote back within two days. Not her assistant, not a webmaster, not a blanketed response letter. No. LISA SEE wrote me back. I already loved her books—Snow Flower and the Secret Fan; Peony in Love—and this officially sent her to rock star status.

When the LA Times’ Jacket Copy announced she was teaming up with Mar Vista Public Library for a free book swap, I just nodded. Yeah, sounds about right… because she’s awesome.

Lisa, I hope the book swap event tonight is fantastic! If you’re a reader in the area, RSVP and go. I’m wishing I was there right now.

That’s a teaspoon-size helping of literary news. On the McCoy home front, I’m busy packing my bags. I leave for Barcelona this Saturday and hope to have many a travel story to tell in the coming weeks.

Yours truly, Sarah

Stort Stack story w/great video:

Jacket Copy story:


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