Posted by: Sarah | August 4, 2009

The official countdown: One week

We are officially seven days from the U.S. and Canadian release of The Time It Snowed In Puerto Rico! Tuesday, August 11,  2009!

The Time It Snowed In Puerto Rico

I can’t (and yet very much can) believe this day has finally arrived. I’ve been anticipating it for ages and am delighted to at last share my novel with all of you. I encourage you to take a little sojourn to my Puerto Rico and meet all the lively characters therein. Trust me, they’re waiting on pins and needles to meet you, too. 😉

Only a week to go and you can buy it at your local bookstore or, if you pre-ordered, you’ll receive the book at your doorstep.

Here are a couple early reviews that I’m thrilled to bits over:

* From Booklist—  “In 1960s Puerto Rico, Maria Flores “Verdita” Ortiz-Santiago, an only child, is turning 11 years old when she sees her parents in an act she can’t fathom. After her parents announce that they are pregnant, Verdita is forced to recognize who she is apart from her parents and figure out her place within the family unit. She also struggles with what it means to be a young woman, how to relate to the opposite sex, and whether it is possible to integrate her fascination with all things American with her Puerto Rican culture. Over the course of two years, Verdita pushes the boundaries of acceptable behavior, experiences the excitement and consequences of the forbidden, and surrenders to the pain of growing up. This is a beautiful, little coming-of-age novel about one girl’s bittersweet journey of self-discovery. Steeped in Puerto Rican culture and rich in authentic detail, McCoy’s debut captures the essence of life in Puerto Rico and, without judgment, holds it up for comparison against the American way of life.

* From The Library Journal Review—“Verdita is a typical preteen girl with all the emotional turmoil and naive questions that come with her young age. Alas, a small Puerto Rican mountain barrio in the 1960s is her whole world. All she knows of the elusive America that she craves to be a part of she has learned from her limited access to the media and her visiting American cousin. Verdita believes that everything is better in America than in her sleepy, sheltered town. Things begin to change as she grows into womanhood, experiences her first crush, and realizes that her mother’s pregnancy will alter her long-standing only-child status. Though she still longs to go to America, she realizes that life may not be so bad in her Puerto Rican home after all. VERDICT: This touching coming-of-age debut novel transcends borders and times. Readers will laugh and cry along with Verdita as she navigates a tumultuous adolescence, easily identifying with her problems and struggles. As a result, the novel will appeal to a wide range of readers, and the addition of discussion questions is a plus for book groups.”

For more reviews and information, please visit my official website

Yours truly, Sarah


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