Posted by: Sarah | August 10, 2009

National Geographic Traveler Magazine

National Geographic Traveler Magazine

One of my favorite and most revered magazines, National Geographic Traveler, has included The Time It Snowed In Puerto Rico in their September 2009 “Trip Lit” column!

I couldn’t be more thrilled. As a fellow wanderluster who grew up in a military gypsy family, National Geographic was my bread and butter. In my family’s basement, we had an entire bookshelf dedicated to back issues. Volumes upon volumes stacked as high as the narrow storage would allow. I used to crawl inside, run my finger along the spine, pluck an issue, and spend the next hour reading and imagining the people and stories of each exotic location.

Now, to have my novel noted as a “To Read” for travelers, well, I’m doing cartwheels.

Here’s the link to the online column:


Yours truly, Sarah


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