Posted by: Sarah | September 17, 2009

BookFinds Review

A new review from BookFinds! Here’s an excerpt. Click on the link below to read the review in its entirety.

Yours truly, Sarah

“…The Time it Snowed in Puerto Ricois a lyrical, coming-of-age story that is written with gorgeous prose and so beautifully captures a specific time and place. I was completely absorbed by the author’s descriptions of each detail of her character’s lives. When I learned that this is the author’s first novel, I was amazed! The pacing and flow of the story along with the author’s ability to create such real and authentic characters is something I expect from a seasoned writer. It is a rare thing to read such an authentic voice. The themes and experiences written about in this novel are so universal, the loss of innocence, growing up in a tumultous time, etc., that I can see this book appealing to a very wide audience. It would make a fantastic book club selection. Verdita, the main character, experiences so many poignant moments throughout the novel that are beautifully and subtly captured by Sarah McCoy’s effortless writing.  I can’t wait to follow this talented author’s career.”


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