Posted by: Sarah | January 19, 2010

Correspondence with my Goodreads winners!

I was delighted to receive news from our two The Time It Snowed In Puerto Rico gift bag winners Stacy and Ashlie. Great to hear from you, ladies! I’m thrilled you enjoyed my novel and all the goodies that came along with it, and even more pleased to read your sweet emails.

As promised, I’m sharing your messages and photographs here:

Thank you for the lovely gifts that came with The Time It Snowed in Puerto Rico. I enjoyed reading the book and my family and I enjoyed trying out all of the treats and things that came with it.  I hope that you had a lovely holiday with your family. ~Stacy

Hello, I received the Goodreads packet, and your novel, shortly after the holidays.  Attached are some photos of myself, and the generous, awesome packet.  I certainly enjoyed all the Puerto Rican treats!  As a big foodie, I’m always excited to sample new things and have never really had anything like that before: the sesame seed/honey snacks are my favorite.  I am also VERY excited to try the recipes you provided.

Gifts aside, I also thoroughly enjoyed your novel.  First of all, I DO judge books by their cover, and it is a gorgeous jacket.  🙂  The story was very sweet and the characters definitely had an authenticity and depth to them.  Toward the end, when the women come to the aid of Venusa my eyes misted over.  Again, with no exposure to either Puerto Rico and its inhabitants I found the novel interesting for the glimpse it gave me into another way of life.  I will definitely recommend your book to others and look forward to other novels you will publish.

Sincerely, Ashlie

These are two of my favorite reviews! Thank you so much! For all the rest of my wonderful readers, I promise to do another giveaway drawing very soon. I’ll be sure to announce that here!

Yours truly, Sarah


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