Posted by: Sarah | February 1, 2010

What do Stephen Colbert, Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban, and Jay-Z have in common?

They all just shared the small screen with the new iPad. Yes, on tonight’s Grammy broadcast, host Stephen Colbert pulled out the new digital reader and joked, “Jay-Z, did you not get one of these in your gift bag?” Nice.

Does anyone else find this merging of media ironic? On a digitally broadcasted television station, I’m watching a music awards show where Apple’s new e-reader was whipped out for a total product-placement spotlight. And despite knowing that I am the exact target audience Apple aims to hook with this shameless self-promotion, I can’t help but stop the DVR, rewind, and replay, just so I can get a second/third/fourth look at the new generation of digital readers.

Where my head’s at: Recently, I went from being a 10-year PC user to a Mac; my love affair with Apple is still in the schmaltzy honeymoon phase. Every so often I’ll email one of my best friends (also a Mac user) to say, “Don’t we love our MacBooks!” Feel free to roll your eyes. It’s understandable.

In light of this, the Apple iPad has my undivided attention. I currently own a Sony Reader that I rarely use. Why? Because I’m old fashioned. I like/need to feel the kinesthetic connection between my fingertips, imagination and the written word. So when at all possible, I buy the paper and glue book. (I’ve blogged about my reasons why in my post “I’m a Finger-To-The-Page Junkie.”) But whenever I travel, I like to read digitally. It cuts down on carry-on weight and allows me a library of choices for however long I’m itinerant. So I do keep abreast on the digital reader news, including all the drama between Macmillan and Amazon.

To have the iPad jump out at me from the boob tube was quite a welcomed surprise. I wonder how much Apple paid Colbert for that little vaudeville stunt. He made sure to hold the iPad nice and high allowing just the appropriate amount of time for a camera zoom-in. My God, it IS a beautiful thing. (And I’m not getting a dime to say that.)

A handful of stats on the new iPad: You can surf the web, check your email, create a slideshow with your photos, watch videos, mark your calendar, write notes, GPS your current location, download iPod, iTunes, and yes, iBooks. Apple pretty much said, “Bring it” to all its competitors. Oh, Amazon is not a happy camper tonight, folks.

I’m not posting to say anything pithy or debate the destiny of the paper book versus the e-book. No, that’s too deep for midnight on the first day of February. Perhaps I’ll ponder that tomorrow. For tonight, is it jejune of me to say, “Wow, that iPad’s freakin’ awesome!”

Yours truly, Sarah

P.S. I promise to write something of merit as soon as I stop humming Lady Gaga.

For more on the e-book publishing drama check out Jacket Copy’s post.



  1. Nice info Sarah. I consider to buy ipad but maybe not available in my country yet. Greetz from Indonesia!

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