Posted by: Sarah | April 30, 2010

Restructure In My World

A quick update and many apologies for being so neglectful in my blogging duties this past week: Thursday, a press release hit the New York publishing world like Bamm-Bamm’s club to the head. Newly-appointed (December 2009) Publisher and President Maya Mavjee announced the restructuring of Random House’s Crown Publishing into three major editorial units: General interest nonfiction and fiction; Crown Archetype including branded/category books (mind/body/spirit, etc.); and four-color lifestyle books (cookbooks, craft books, design/style).

Makes sense right? Ms. Mavjee is spring-cleaning. We’ve all done it. Reorganized the cupboard so all the cans are aligned, cereal boxes in a row, jars lip to lip, and crumbs brushed out. Completely relatable. However, when it’s on the macro level of one of the largest publishing houses in the world! Well, that’s a bit more than checking the dates on your spice rack.

One of the most surprising and personally unsettling results of this restructuring is the closure of Shaye Areheart Books (SAB), an imprint of Random House/Crown known for its decade-long commitment to quality literary fiction. This also happens to be MY imprint, in which my second novel is already under production.

As you can imagine, upon hearing the news, my composure was not gold-star worthy. I went hot-cold-hot and broke out in a head-to-toe sweat, then thought I was going to vomit or faint or both at my computer desk. My agent and I exchanged OMG emails. I spent nearly 3.5 hours obsessively Googling the exact same phrase, “Random House/Crown/SAB restructure” until I’d read every available news snippet. Publishers Weekly did a good summation of Mavjee’s press release.

Then—may she be blazoned with gold and jewels—my beloved Random House/SAB editor emailed me late last night to say that all was well, not to worry, and she’d ring me today, which she did.

So here’s the goods, folks. While SAB is closing, it does not mean the end of Shaye Areheart or her illustrious work. She will be the Editor-At-Large under the united Crown banner, continuing to work with her authors. Bottom line: Crown is absorbing SAB and Harmony Books, integrating all of the general interest fiction into Crown Publishing.

This is industry news that a majority of people wouldn’t give a hoot about—unless you are in the publishing business and it directly affects you. Ahem, like myself. Then you give a dang hoot—more than a hoot! I share this so that you, my wonderful readers, are aware that my novels will no longer be published by Shaye Areheart Books sealed with her signature logo: the lovely steaming cup of tea/coffee. Going forward, they will be published by Crown Publishing, bearing the C-sun logo.

So that’s the 411 from my neck of the woods. All that said, a quick reminder: The paperback of The Time It Snowed In Puerto Rico releases by RH/Crown’s paperback division, Three Rivers Press, on August 3, 2010. Make sure to hit your local bookstore for a copy. Better yet, PREORDER the paperback online!

I’m a firm believer that all things happen for a purpose and to a greater good. So while my heart is heavy and saddened to no longer be under the superb and incomparable Shaye Areheart, I know an excellent future awaits me as a Crown novelist, and I’m eager to see how the publishing house expands its fiction portfolio with the rich, new addition of SAB authors.

Yours truly, Sarah


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