Posted by: Sarah | May 13, 2010

Essay on The Millions: Reptilian Humanoids!

Check out my latest essay on The Millions entitled “V:Lizard Aliens as Social Reminder.” I’m talking lizard aliens, folks, in a Screening Room discussion of the ABC series V. I know, it’s surprising, but I have a sci-fi gene in me… somewhere deep.

A quote from my essay:

We live in a world where history repeats itself; where old ideas cloak themselves in various contemporary skins and pretty packages for each budding generation.

Is this a veiled attempt to alleviate my guilt over being absorbed in prime time alien world domination? Perhaps. Either way, if you’re a sci-fi lover or hater, I hope you get a kick out of this essay and maybe open your mind to the possible messages behind the intrigue. Enjoy!

Yours truly, Sarah


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