Posted by: Sarah | August 3, 2010

Goodreads winners!

Congratulations to my two lovely Goodreads giveaway winners: Allison from Siloam Springs, Arizona, and Cherie from Pensacola, Florida! You’ll each receive a fun, summer tote bag including a signed copy of The Time It Snowed In Puerto Rico, a selection of signature Puerto Rican recipes and treats from the book! I’ll be shipping these out shortly and look forward to hearing how you like the book and your goodies.

Thank you to all of my fabulous readers who signed up to win. There were over 2,000 Goodreader entrants for TWO copies of my novel! Lucky Allison & Cherie! But it could be you next time. I promise to do another giveaway in a few months and will announce it here on the blog. So keep checking in!

Today is a wonderful day. The paperback edition of The Time It Snowed In Puerto Rico releases and I couldn’t be more pleased. Paperbacks remind me of Scholastic Book Fairs in elementary school. Those big tin clamshells on wheels that opened up to a rainbow of book options and brought the distinctive smell of paper and glue–remember those? My affinity for paperbacks was forged then and has remained throughout the decades. My design team at Crown/Random House did such a stupendous job on the paperback. The physical aspects are a dream and quintessential Puerto Rico: bright and textured, I can almost feel the tropical sand and sun on my fingertips. You’ll have to stop by the store and pick one up yourself!

Again, congrats to my two Goodreads winners! You’ll be receiving a package from me very soon!

Yours truly, Sarah



  1. Thank you very much! I am looking forward to reading this book. Both my mother and father were born in Puerto Rico so when I read that the book plot was based there I knew I had to read it. I am so thrilled to have won and I am sure I will enjoy all the goodies.

    • Dear Cherie,

      It’s entirely my pleasure! I love being in touch with readers and especially my fellow Boricuans! I’ll mail your package by the end of the week and look forward to hearing when you receive it. If you email me photos of you with it, I’ll post them here on the blog. Such a delight to hear from you! Congrats again!!

      Yours truly, Sarah

  2. Sarah,
    I got the package today! What a nice surprise to come home from work to! I am excited to start the book! The goodies look delicious, but the book is the real treat! The recipes are also a great bonus. My husband, who was born in Mexico said that they look similar to the food his grandma and mom make. Thank you again, and I will post some pics asap!

  3. Dear Allison,

    I’m thrilled to hear from you! And even happier that you received your package and enjoyed all the goodies therein. I can’t wait to hear of your cooking successes with the recipes. Living on the Juarez/El Paso border, I taste many similarities amongst the Spanish-conquered territories. I’m quite positive your husband will be licking his lips after a spoonful of my abuelita’s arroz con pollo mixta! 😉

    I can’t wait for you to read THE TIME IT SNOWED IN PUERTO RICO and look forward to your photos! Congratulations, my dear GOODreader.

    Yours truly, Sarah

  4. I finally got around to posting my review of “The time it snowed in Puerto Rico”. You can view it here:

    The book was wonderful and I posted some pictures.

    Thanks Again!

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