Posted by: Sarah | September 6, 2010

Labor Day Update

I’m just back from a couple weeks of travel, visiting my publishing house (Crown/Random House) and my brilliant editor in New York City. It was an amazing trip, full of wonderful memories and good company.

After my book meetings concluded, I hightailed it down south for a girl’s weekend in Washington, D.C. I was able to spend time with the most amazing, influential women in my life: my mom, two titis (aunts) and grandma. On top of that, I went home to Virginia for QT with my dad and grandpa. It was a late-August family oasis in preparation for my workaholic fall. And brrr… did New York City feel like fall. Drizzling rain and cool temps. I loved it! The delicious autumn crisp and rainbow of colors eludes El Paso until late-October. So when I refer to fall here, I’m speaking in calendar terms not the tangible.

Back at my desk, September is my official “writer hermit” month to complete revisions on my second novel due to my editor the first week in October. This weekend has been a grace period. Saturday, my husband and I ventured out to the Hatch Chile Festival in New Mexico and holy peppers! I’d never witnessed a chili-eating contest before and let me tell you, it was something! I cringe imagining the acid reflux of the contestants. But for those of us in the crowd, the 2010 festival was a delight. I left Hatch with 5 pounds of raw chilies on my back and two bags of roasted ones. We’ll be eating them through Thanksgiving.

This Labor Day I participated in the true American fashion—barbeque! A dear artist friend hosted a fabulous Labor Day potluck. And who doesn’t love a potluck? It harkens back to the hunter-gatherers in all of us. Pilgrim & Indian-style:

“I got some apples, so I’ll bake a pie.”

“I got some chicken for the grill.”

“I got sweet corn on the cob.”

Everybody brings a little something and what-do-you-know, you have a feast! So I’ve just come from the divine barbeque. I’m stuffed to the gills and feeling quite lovely, thankful for friends and national holidays, and ready to tackle the page come Mond—I mean TUESDAY morning.

But before I head down the writing rabbit hole, I wanted to remind you of my next scheduled event.

October 4-10: 33rd Annual Literary Festival at Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia. The theme is “Hard Times in America” and I’ll be presenting and reading from The Time It Snowed In Puerto Rico at 4 p.m., Friday, October 8th at the University Bookstore at ODU. If you’re in the area, come out! I’d love to meet you and sign your book copy.

Until then, I hope you, my lovely readers, have a fabulous back-to-school fall! I’ll update you with news and reviews as I receive them.

Yours truly, Sarah


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