Posted by: Sarah | October 12, 2010

News & Reviews

The ODU Literary Festival in Norfolk, VA, was a smashing success! Kudos to all involved in organizing and staffing the event. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit and was thrilled to have such a large, engaging crowd at the reading. Thank you to everyone!

Norfolk was beautiful too. The leaves are just starting to change over, blushing shades of red, yellow and purple-brown. Before my reading, I took an early morning walk out onto Norfolk Harbor and sat at the end of a long wooden pier listening to the waves, watching the sun shimmer on the water. How I miss the water. It has a magical way of calming the soul. My husband and I vowed to return to the East Coast as soon as we can.

While I was away at the festival, a couple of wonderful news snippets came in: two fabulous reviews to share with you.

1)’s article “Sunshine State: Reading Sarah McCoy’s The Time It Snowed in Puerto Rico” by Valarie Clark.

“… I don’t usually get to read something for pleasure, and more often than not, when I do, it takes the form of an article, something quick and not to be savored. The fact that Sarah McCoy’s debut novel, The Time It Snowed in Puerto Rico, is an actual book had already made me feel like I was indulging in some decadent activity; this was the literary equivalent of eating a pan of brownies. That the book is a delight was the incredibly rich icing on top.”

2) The Musings of a Book Junkie blog by Allison Macias.

“This book was good. Wonderful. It was easy to connect with Verdita and be sympathetic. The book was chalked full of Puerto Rico, from the weather, religion, food, culture and people. I loved this!”

Thank you again to everyone in the Norfolk arts community. I was feted beyond deserving and am immensely grateful for everyone’s generosity.

Yours truly, Sarah


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