Posted by: Sarah | March 24, 2011

Story in Pictures: The Santa Fe Roundup

Hi folks! I’ve decided to make this a multi-sensory story post. If you would like a musical score to accompany this SIP (Story in Pictures) then please, click on the link below. You may have to open two windows on your browser to simultaneously listen and read. I apologize for the extra step, but I’m still being schooled on the bells & whistles of blog-dom. Nonetheless, I think it’ll work.

“Santa Fe” from Walt Disney’s NEWSIES, sung by the fabulous, multitalented Christian Bale (pre-Terminator Salvation).

And so we begin this little SIP from my latest escapade:


Once Upon a Time last Friday, two city slickers began their journey North on I-25 with their trusty steed (a humble Toyota Corolla) set at cruise control to two miles over the 75 mph speed limit. The wife was driving. Had the husband been driving, his lead foot would’ve set their pace much faster at the cost of a speeding ticket, no doubt. (As was evidenced by our last trip to Santa Fe.)

The brave duo stopped twice: Once at a rest stop that boasted such welcoming salutations as: BEWARE OF RATTLESNAKES. Not just snakes but RATTLEsnakes. Thank you New Mexico. The specificity was much appreciated by the two non-reptile-loving adventurers. And thus, they executed a hasty potty break. The second stop was to acquire foodstuffs. The wife was not a pleasant fellow traveler without snack-age. A New Mexico entrepreneur on the lonesome road was kind enough to introduce her to Hot Mama, a.k.a. One Sassy Pickle, which she thoroughly enjoyed.

After hours of traversing the dusty desert highway, the couple arrived at their adobe (inn/spa, whatever you wish to call it) and got settled in. The husband brought in their suitcases while the wife connected to WiFi. (I had to finished up a few writing loose ends that came to me on the drive). For his graciousness, the wife was exceedingly grateful. (Do you read that, honey?)

The two did not linger long in their quiet adobe hut. They soon ventured out into the Wild West town to meet the locals, scavenge for dinner and discover the local arts and textiles. (New Mexico Art Museum is free to the public on Fridays and full of both permanent Georgia O’Keefe work and new contemporary artist.)


While wandering the museum, they stumbled upon a band of merry musicians practicing for an upcoming concert. (The acoustics of the auditorium were simply spectacular! And I’d never seen a bassoon in person before.)

Afterwards, and thanks to a Santa Fe local, they were directed to the La Fonda Hotel’s dining room for a delicious Southwest-inspired meal. So satiated were the travelers that they returned to their adobe for the night and slept peacefully until morn.

Upon awaking on their second day in this signature Wild West municipality, they put on their cowboots and hiked to the Santa Fe Farmer’s and Flea Market for scrumptious eats and… shopping. Though he would deny, deny, deny, the husband enjoyed these treasure hunts as much as the wife.

The long morning of bargaining gave the travelers a mighty appetite. Luckily, Santa Fe had delectable choices on every corner. The couple was fortunate to slip onto Cafe Pasqual’s dining table before the cook closed the lunch doors. And oh, how glad they were! Such a delectable chow-down of taste and color they had yet to experience. They left the cafe having made new friends to whom they promised to return someday.

Slowly, due to full bellies and Chardonnay-induced light heads, the duo meandered back across town, stopping at the Santa Fe Depot and discovering indigenous paintings en route to the legendary Canyon Road. Here could be found more of the wife and husband’s favorite artists. At the end of this enchanted brick road lie the infamous Tea House Santa Fe,which the wife was unabashedly obsessed.

Hours later, back at the adobe, they took some time to nap and reenergize (and let the husband watch March Madness) before a night of song and feasting at La Cantina. To such tunes as “I Dreamed a Dream” and other musical revues, the couple imbibed in champagne and margaritas to celebrate the last night of their Santa Fe adventure.

By morning, they were on the dusty highway once more, but not before one crucial stop at a most celebrated and revered destination: Trader Joe’s. After offering up their hard-earned dollars to the glory of TJ groceries, the wife could not contain her glee, which lasted for the five-hour journey home and even there after…


Epilogue: Thanks for humoring me in this silly SIP. I do love fairytale speak. Children’s picture books have always been some of my favorite stories. Maybe I’ll write one in the future… if only to give to my own son/daughter. Happy last weekend in March to you!



  1. Listened to the music and read your blog! I felt like I was right there with you! Thanks… and if you write a children’s book you better have that thing published for the rest of your fans!

  2. Hi Sarah!!!! Awesome website — I found it via your Twitter page (just in case you’re keeping track)… 🙂

    So, I’m guessing you don’t have a Trader Joe’s near you since it was a crucial stop when leaving Santa Fe? My sympathies…

    My fav pic is you setting up the WiFi! Looking out through the doors to see you sitting in solitude with your feet up gets my muse going!


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