Posted by: Sarah | April 1, 2011

Story in Pictures: Off to the Races

Another SIP (Story in Pictures) installment for your Friday reading pleasure. I’ve chosen a song from Mary Poppins to accompany this week’s tale. This would be just after Mary wins the horse race. Ahem… Please click the musical accompaniment and begin.

Supercalifragilisticexpialidociousfrom Disney’s Mary Poppins. (This would be the singalong version, too.)


Once upon a time last Sunday, our two city slickers ventured out from their humble adobe once more. This time, in search of lucky adventure in New Mexico. New Mexico being five minutes southwest from El Paso (and old Mexico five minutes due south). The rumors of Sunland Derby‘s lore had circulated for miles and miles of dusty Chihuahua desert, and the travelers could not ignore the excited promise of a champion horse race. After all, the great Kentucky Derby winner Mine That Bird had hailed from this very winner’s circle. The event of the season (er, the month of March at least) could not be ignored. So the duo donned their best: she in her most regal, floppy hat; he in his… well, a grand polo shirt. And off to the races they went.

The crowd was thick, the atmosphere alive with chatter and anticipation. The smell of buttery roasted corn and barn hay lingered overhead. From nearly every hand glittered stately silver–Tecate beer tabs under the desert sun. Young and old gathered along the track. The horses and their valiant riders entered the stadium and took to their posts.

The travelers had their picks ready. Based on brilliance of name alone (and the fact that his jockey wore bubblegum pink attire), the wife had pledged her allegiance to #8 Nacho Saint. The husband to horse #11 Astrology.

The crowd waited on baited breath… the buzzer sounded! Off they went, galloping magnificently toward that uncertain future, that golden ring, that champion finish line and the right to ride against the finest of the land at the Kentucky Derby (the $800,000 purse was nice too). The husband held his breath. The wife shouted, “Go-go, Nacho Saint!”

Within a few paces, the wife knew her Nacho Saint would, alas, suffer defeat. Her consolation was that her husband’s Astrology also lagged behind the lead.

In two-minutes time, the victor was declared. Twice The Appeal had taken the derby. Fast as lightning the noble steed was led into the winners circle where his proud owner gave his slick mane a happy shake to the cheer of the crowd–the travelers included. A beautiful day, a thrilling race, a happy ending for all.

As the horses move on to greener (assuming most everywhere is greener than here) pastures, the adventurers will watch from afar and cheer on the local boy, Twice The Appeal, as he makes his run for history and fame.

The End

Epilogue: Again, thanks for indulging me in another silly Fairy Tale SIP. The derby was, indeed, great fun! I adore horses and welcome any opportunity to be near them.


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