Posted by: Sarah | April 7, 2011

TUCSON BOOKMANS: Surprises in Store in Tucson

I’m off to the Old Pueblo today! I couldn’t say I fully explored the Wild West unless I’d been to Tucson. So I’m packing my bags, slipping on my cowboy boots and galloping (by propeller plane) to the Oro Valley. My husband is there on business, and I’m his stowaway. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to visit such an amazing literary city. Home to the Tucson Festival of the Book and the Northern Arizona Book Festival, each spring this town is alive and vibrant with books, writers and storytelling. The TFOB was last month and the NABF is next week, so the reader community is buzzing away at the literary honeycomb. A handful of book-loving friends pointed me to one of the bastions of Tucson readership: Bookmans independent bookstore! And the good folk there have welcomed me with open arms. (Muchas gracias, Bookmans!) My visit is completely impromptu. I love my independent bookstores across the country so I’d already planned to visit for personal book browsing when this lightning bolt idea came to me.

My Lightning Bolt Idea: I’m a lady who loves free stuff—giving and receiving. I figure most of my readers feel similarly. So why not do a surprise giveaway for my incredible Tucson book devotees. My thank-you for being such fine literary hosts. Go ahead and assume, dream and conjecture on the prize I’m planning. Here, I’ll make it even easier: This is one of my fabulous readers and her booty.

Is your interest peaked? Well then, if you’re in Tucson, I’d say it’s an excellent idea to come out to Bookmans this SATURDAY, APRIL 9, 2011. I’ll be popping into one of the three Tucson locations sometime during that day.

Which will it be? Grant, Ina or Speedway? You have to follow me on Twitter and/or Facebook to find out. I’ll be dropping hints from now until Saturday as to where and when I’ll be there with your surprise. Be ready, because once the Bookmans staff member makes the announcement, it’s a dash to find me in the store. First come, first serve! Get your sneaks on and stretch those sprinting legs.

I can’t wait to meet you, my Tucson winner, and give you spring goodies far before the Easter Bunny makes his rounds.

Yours truly, Sarah


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