Posted by: Sarah | April 11, 2011

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner Tucson

I’ve just arrived home from a wonderful visit to Tucson, Arizona! A great, big thank-you-darlin’ to my husband for treating me to a luxurious pre-birthday celebration; my deep appreciation to the Bookmans‘ staff for welcoming me into their bookstore like family and to Tucson readers for sending me local tips ensuring I felt totally at home in their city. Wow! What a time! I cannot thank you each and all enough. I’ll never forget the generous heart of Tucson’s literary folk.

Before this Monday and another week get underway, I wanted to congratulate all my WEEKEND WINNERS! We had quite a few!

First were all the lucky readers who participated in Saturday’s Twitter #Readathon–kindred spirits who signed up to read nonstop all day. You inspire me and reaffirm why I love the business I’m in–creating stories for all of you to dive headlong into for hours, days, weeks! Congrats, congrats to my Twitter followers who will receive a signed copy of my novel. The Time It Snowed In Puerto Rico is on its way to your doorsteps! Hopefully in time for the next Twitter #Readathon. I can’t wait for you to go to Puerto Rico with my characters and look forward to tweeting with you!

Second was Saturday afternoon’s winner of my surprise drop-in to Bookmans Bookstore, Ina location (Twitter #SurprisesinstoreinTucson). The lovely Sandy! I was delighted to give her a copy of The Time It Snowed In Puerto Rico and lots of Puerto Rican goodies. Congrats again, my dear! Thank you for being an avid reader and supporter of your local independent bookstore (Bookmans).

You never know where I’ll be with a giveaway. (I love doing them so much!) So if you like free books & more, I’d suggest you flitter over to Twitter and ‘Follow’ me to see what city I’m in next and what bookstore I may just be popping into with treats for readers.

I’ll post a full Tucson report in a SIP (Story in Pictures) soon! But for now, I have a very, large suitcase to unpack and a full day of writing ahead. Off I go! Happy Monday!

Yours truly, Sarah


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