Posted by: Sarah | May 12, 2011

Thursday Tea Party Launch

I’ve decided to participate in a brilliant idea formulated by the gracious Miss Anastasia at Birdbrain(ed) Book Blog.

The Thursday Tea.

In these posts, I get to chat about two things I’m absolutely fanatical: books and tea. And I’m not alone. Others have followed Anastasia’s lead, including my dear friend Miss Beth Fish. However, please note that I am not a book reviewer like these fine women. I am an author who loves reading and sipping, so I’ll focus on those things instead. If you’d like to read how the Thursday Tea works in full, I invite you to pop over to either of these ladies’ Thursday Tea parties… after you’ve read mine, of course. Happy TT, lovely friends. I raise my teacup to you all!

The Book:

Today, I’m traveling. Airports and planes are my favorite places to read. You’re in a holding pattern. The world is far, far below and there’s absolutely nothing anyone can do to reach you. No Internet (I’m too frugal to pay for WiFi), no phones, no emails, texts or Tweets. It’s just my book and me. That, in my opinion, is the perfect Petri dish for a reader. Losing myself in the fictional dreamscape is the best kind of medicine for flight nerves, boredom, awkward plane seat conversation and my restless anticipation to arrive. By the time the plane lands and the hatch opens, I feel as though I’ve already journeyed to an imagined land and back, and everything in reality is strange and new again.

Currently, I’m finishing my sweet friend Rebecca Rasmussen’s debut novel The Bird Sisters. So during my three hours of flight time, I’ll be in Rebecca’s Green Spring, WI–or at least my imagination will be. I hear the ending of this story is a heart-wrencher. I’ve purchased a little travel pack of tissues in preparation.

The Tea:

Since the TSA bars all liquids from entering through security, I’ve brought along tea bags for convenience. Starbucks always graciously provides me with a large cup of steaming water at no charge. So now I’m drinking a Red Rose Orange Pekoe, your basic black. The OP is a little bit bitter but thoroughly satisfying. From what I’ve learned of tea grades, I believe my current brew would be classified as a choppy (containing leaves of various sizes) broken (crushed to fit in tea bags) Pekoe from Indonesia. Within three minutes, my tea was a shade of light walnut and perfect for sipping. I’m grateful as this allows me ample time to find my gate and await my boarding call.

Sarah’s Sipping Summary:

This particular Orange Pekoe has the hearty, earthy flavor of my childhood tea parties so considering the story of Millie and Twiss (the bird sisters), I do believe it fits quite nicely! Off I fly with my book and cup!

Yours truly, Sarah



  1. Love it! Perfect Thursday Tea post. And how clever are you to carry your own teabags and to know that Starbucks will give you cup and water. You are clearly a more savvy tea-drinking traveler than I am.

  2. I so wish I could read during travel, but I am afraid my nosiness gets in the way … I’m too busy people-watching, thinking, dreaming, to focus on books (though I inevitably bring one or two on EVERY trip). Maybe someday I’ll mature enough to read on a plane… and to drink tea or coffee. I figure I have enough food vices as it is – why add caffeine to the mix? Have a great trip!

  3. Sarah, I am so happy for your travels today!! I too am reading The Bird Sisters, and Rebecca is a wonderful writer. I just twitter with all my fav authors and dream of being in their talented circle of friends.
    I’m not a tea drinker, I mean I love iced sweet tea, and I’ll make a cup on occasion, but I’m really a coffee lover!

    Thanks for sharing your TT, and I’m off to look at others.

  4. […] Sarah McCoy, who is drinking Red Rose Orange Pekoe and reading The Bird Sisters by Rebecca Rasmussen. […]

  5. Aw, what a lovely Thursday Tea post! (I’m so happy you joined in!) And that’s really clever about bringing tea bags and getting hot water from Starbucks– I’m going to have to steal that idea for my own upcoming travels.

  6. That sounds like the perfect way to travel, with book and tea in hand!

    My personal favorite is a foamy chai latte. Not a bad idea to pick one up at the terminal next time I board a plane 😉

  7. You know, I’ve never thought about bringing my own tea bags to the airport. That’s a really brilliant idea. I’m going to have to try that!

    I’m so excited to read The Bird Sisters!

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