Posted by: Sarah | June 2, 2011

Thursday Tea Party: Weird Lime Iced Tea

The Book:

My shipment of books arrived. Hallelujah! I’ve been deliciously lost in my friends’ pages. It’s rare that I have a stretch of time (‘stretch of time’= over 7 days) to read for pleasure. Mostly, I’m a book binger when I travel. I’ll take a book for each leg of the journey because going anywhere from El Paso guarantees a minimum 4-hour flight, not including the time spent in the terminal pre-boarding. So usually I’ll power read, completely removed from reality, and get through a book in a couple days. However, at home, I only read in the early morning or before bed, tucked up tight in cotton pillow fluff. The reading is slower because it’s contingent on my writing schedule. For instance, if I’m in the creative process of writing, I can’t read in the morning. I have to get up and go straight to my characters. Not much unlike my mom friends who say they wake up in a start to get to their infants. Sometimes I can’t read at all when I’m writing my own work—too many competing character voices. Later, when I’m wearing my editors cap and revising, I read books in short burst. A chapter at night to slow me down and help me forget the p’s and q’s dancing about my word-OCD brain.

Currently, I’m between projects: done with editing THE BAKER’S DAUGHTER (as I posted a couple weeks back), I’m relaxing a spell. Allowing my inner creative muse to rest and rejuvenate. I hear the character voices of another novel calling. Scenes of their lives play out in my mind, but I’m not going to set to writing just yet. I’m going to let those folks do their business in my imagination. Meanwhile, I’m reading through my stack of friends. At the moment, I’m nearing the end of Ms. Eleanor Brown’s The Weird Sisters. My momma is the baby of three girls and I’m the eldest of three siblings, so I find this sister trio quite fascinating.

 The Tea:

I’m already melting like a Fudgsicle on the El Paso pavement. We’ve crested over 100 degrees and it’s only the second day in June. Needless to say, I tend to allow my hot tea to cool a touch in the summer months. (All right, I’ll come clean: I throw in a handful of ice cubes on occasion.) Today I’m drinking Lipton iced tea. Nothing fancy. It’s a Southerner’s go-to. I brewed the cup then threw in some of those ice cubes to chill. I went searching for a lemon but didn’t have any. What I do have is limes. Limes coming out the wazoo thanks to a Costco bulk buy. They’re a staple in the Southwest. Great for everything from ceviche to salsa. So I wondered, hmm, could you squeeze a touch of lime into your iced tea instead? Well, why not, I thought. They’re kissing cousin citruses. So I did. And I’m here to say that it worked just dandy. It doesn’t have the exact tartness of the lemon. The lime is sweeter to my palate. I rather liked it and since I have a bushel, I’ll be having iced tea with limes for the next week at least. 

Sarah’s Sipping Summary:

I feel as though having lime iced tea is a bit weird. Well then, how appropriate that I’m reading The Weird Sisters. In the book, one of the sisters (Cordy) uses orange juice instead of milk in a bread recipe, so I can imagine my lime iced tea is just the kind of classic recipe remake she might do.

Cheers, y’all! Sarah

P.S. Remember to visit my lovely friends’ Thursday Tea parties: Miss Beth Fish Reads and Miss Anastasia!



  1. I can’t believe its already so hot there. I think we made it up to 85 yesterday but it was cloudy so it didn’t feel very warm. I hope to read The Weird Sisters soon. It’s been in my stack since it came out, but I just haven’t gotten to it yet.

    Orange juice in bread sounds… interesting.

    Have a great Thursday!

  2. Great idea! I bet lime has a nice taste. I skipped the tea this week because I’ve been regrouping from BEA — but look for another tea party at my place next week.

    I think Cordy would be all over the lime / tea combo.

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