Posted by: Sarah | June 12, 2011

Glorious Giveaway Winners!

Happy National Puerto Rican Day!

Congratulations! My Goodreads winners are Kayla Lambert of King, NC, and Spencer Throssell of Columbia, MO. You’ll each receive a signed copy of The Time It Snowed In Puerto Rico and a smorgasbord of items from the island, including recipes from my abuelita’s kitchen, Verdita’s favorite candies, music, makings for café con leche, and more.

I’m equally pleased to announce my Twitter and Facebook winners: Tiffany D. (@enterthedrew) and Andrea Millán Gutierrez. You’ve each won a signed copy of The Time It Snowed In Puerto Rico! Thanks for following me on Twitter and Facebook. Email me your mailing address and your book will be on its way. I look forward to keeping in touch, friends.

All of this is in honor of the National Puerto Rican Day Parade today in New York City. I’ll be shipping these prizes shortly and can’t wait to hear how you like all the treats. If you email me photos, I’ll be sure to post them here on the blog. Thanks again to all who signed up. You’ve proven once again that I have the best readers on the planet! I love being able to treat you with goodies galore! 

Yours truly, Sarah



  1. Sarah,

    I truly enjoyed the book and the treats. I can’t wait to read your next one!

    I lived in El Paso for a time as well. Some people don’t care for the climate, but I think the desert is beautiful.

    All the best in your writing endeavors!


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