Posted by: Sarah | June 15, 2011

El Paso Times Interview

Hey friends, this is a quick post to share my recent interview published in the El Paso Times. I had a lovely afternoon chatting with these folks at my home. Click here for the online article. I hope you enjoy and come back for tomorrow’s Thursday Tea Party

Yours truly, Sarah 



  1. That is a lovely article. I can’t believe you are 31, you look 25 my dear!!!
    Curious…why did you stay in El Paso when hubs went to Chicago?
    Be happy Sarah, you are doing so well 🙂

  2. You’re such a sweetie! I tell my younger brothers that the 30s are where it’s at. 😉
    My husband is in the army. He’s in Chicago on temporary duty, living in a spartan studio and working long hours. I’ve always been an independent lady. The time has flown. He’s back at the end of this month. I’m happy!! Xo

  3. Sarita. Can’t wait until January 24 to see and read the hardcover book.
    Your life and skills and talent are amazing. I am happy for you that
    your work and your life are going well.
    Have you read the work of Ben Saenz of UTEP? His novel
    “Names On A Map” is a good one! Also his collection of poems:
    “Elegies In Blue”. Cinco Puntos Press of El Paso published
    “Elegies In Blue”. Saenz is on in case you wish to
    see and hear. Also on for Newshour. Saenz is\
    one of my favorites. Also Luis Urrea — of course. Luis is
    priceless! Goodness and brains. Big heart. I want to meet
    Luis and Cindy’s kids: Megan, Eric and Chayito.
    Have you read Urrea’s “Into The BEautifual North”? That is his
    most recent novel.

    Will you be at Texas Book Festival this year in Austin —
    late October — early November? I know it’s a long long trip.
    Pero vale la pena.
    I love your heritage. Puerto Rico. Germany. Virginia.

    Once I worked at a school where there were lots of sons
    and daughters of Presbyterian missionaries. One of their
    cheers was: “Viva Puelto Rico. Sin tabaco y sin alcohol”.

    Many years ago my dad worked in San Juan.
    There are childhood memories.

    Mucha suerte con la tercera novela. What’s the title?

    Con todo respeto John Saunders (aka juan sanchez)

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