Posted by: Sarah | June 17, 2011

Chicago: Glen Ellyn Bookfest 2011 Reminder

Hello Chi-town, nice to see you again! I flew in late yesterday afternoon and was pleased to find the weather much warmer than my chilly visit last month. So there are some scattered thunderstorms in the forecast. The Lake Effect, right? Fine, fine. I’ll take a summer storm so long as the temp stays high. I’ve got hairclips and anti-frizz gel to shellac back my humidity fro, so I’m ready for anything. Let’s dance, Windy City.

Tomorrow, Saturday, June 18, is the Glen Ellyn Bookfest 2011, and I couldn’t be more excited for the Literary Luncheon. Luis Urrea, Cristina Henriquez, Brigid Pasulka and I will be pulling up a chair to your lunch table and chatting about how our histories inspire our writings. If you haven’t gotten your tickets, these are the last few hours you can so don’t miss out. I’ve flown all the way from the Wild West (a.k.a. El Paso) to meet you and feast. Margie and Sue from The Bookstore have done a tremendous job organizing this event. Again, here are the details:

The 2nd Annual Downtown Glen Ellyn Bookfest is pleased to welcome four noted authors to the Bookfest Literary Luncheon from Noon to 1:30pm on Saturday, June 18, 2011 at Glen Oak Restaurant, 479 Pennsylvania in Glen Ellyn.

This year’s Literary Luncheon,  ”Inspired by Our History” includes Luis Urrea (author of The Hummingbird’s Daughter and its highly anticipated sequel, the Queen of America, coming in December 2011), Cristina Henriquez (author of The World in Half), Sarah McCoy (author ofThe Time It Snowed In Puerto Rico), and Brigid Pasulka (author of the PEN Hemingway Award-winning book, A Long, Long Time Ago & Essentially True).  The authors will rotate around the restaurant and discuss their books, which all involve stories inspired by the authors’ own ancestors, who herald from Mexico, Poland, Panama and Puerto Rico. The Glen Oak Restaurant will pair their stories with unique ethnic menu choices created specifically for this event.

I’ll post pictures once I’m back in my home office next week. If you’re at the luncheon, you just might see yourself here! 
Yours truly, Sarah 



  1. Srita. McCoy. Thanks for the info about Chicago and the G.E. Book Fest.
    Now I’ll read your novel about Snow in Puerto Rico. And you get to be
    with Luis, Cinderella, Cristina etc. Suerte la tuya. I was in El Paso in
    1952 to see dermatologist about acne. Concebido en Puerto Rico.
    Does that make me a Puerto Rican? There’s a lovely pic in color of
    Luis and Ben Saenz. I think it’s on the Cinco Puntos webpage.
    I love that picture. Have you read “Queen of America”? I always
    recommend “Names On A Map” and “Elegies Ins Blue” by Saenz.
    Great books — both of them. Luis needs to send to you —
    his story about working in a donut shop when he was a kid.
    Great story. Also his poem “Valley of the Palms”. What a piece
    of work that Luis Urrea is. I also have great respect for Cristina.
    Last time I was in Panama was 1939. And Jamie Ford. Pues un
    encanto de ser humano.
    My life in Texas began in 1967. Tuve el gusto de conocer a
    Tomas Rivera, Tino Villanueva (who was with Luis in Boston years ago),
    Octavio Paz y otros. Paz was visiting profe at UT Austin.
    Tino Villanueva also Visiting Profe at UT Austin. Tino vive en
    Boston. Pero es texano.

    Here’s a book that I recommend (besides all of the Urrea and
    Saenz prodcution): Title: “Bread Of Angels”. The memoirs written
    by Stephanie Celeste Saldana….. She is from San Antonio. Went to
    Catholic schools. The Middlebury. And after that M.Divinity from
    Harvard. Lived in Beirut and Damascus. Now lives in Jerusalem.
    Much of the book is about her year 2005-2006 in Damascus.
    Stephanie is now married. She works as a teacher. I can hardly
    wait to read “Queen of America” and the sequel to Stephanie’s
    first volume of memoirs. Right u there with Mary Karr as far as
    I’m concerned.

    Srita. McCoy. Will you be at Texas Book Fest later this year.
    Me daria gusto poder saludarte. I’m not an author. Just a
    reader. Right now recovering from shoulder surgery.

    Have a great year. And I do hope to meet you at
    Texas Book Fest. Abrazos de John Saunders (aka Juan Sanchez)

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