Posted by: Sarah | June 25, 2011

Story in Pictures: Glen Ellyn Bookfest 2011

One week ago, I was in Chicago for the Glen Ellyn Bookfest. It was a marvelous day. So for this SIP installment I’ve chosen a song that is a chart topper in my book. Yes, indeed.

Thank You For Being A Friend” by Andrew Gold. The unforgettable theme song of one of the most beloved American sitcoms, The Golden Girls. Please click your musical accompaniment and begin.

The Glen Ellyn Bookfest 2011


Once upon a time last Saturday, the two city slickers were joined by the wife’s youngest brother in the kingdom of Chicago–or more accurately, just outside of Chicago in the enchanting suburb of Glen Ellyn.

The trio had ventured there for a grand book festival and literary luncheon hosted by the queens of Just The Bookstore.


Esteemed writers from far and wide gathered for the day’s festivities, including the magnanimous Mary Doria Russell, the kingly Luis Urrea and his beautiful wife Cindy, the graceful Cristina Henriquez and lovely Brigid Pasulka and their families.

All came together to eat, drink and make merry with the lively crowd of readers. It was a five-star banquet of food and company, and the travelers could not thank their royal hostesses enough.

At the end of the day, the trio departed with full bellies and new friends, but swore to the queens that they would come again to feast and laugh and share tales of great adventure…


Yours truly, Sarah 



  1. […] days of quiet rest before I head off to Chicago for the fabulous Glen Ellyn Bookfest! I was there last year with the amazing authors I now consider good friends, Mary Doria Russell, Luis Urrea and his […]

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