Posted by: Sarah | August 16, 2011

An Interview and a Confessed Obsession

Hey folks, 

Here are a couple of fun posts published today:

1) With only five months left before I must relinquish my “debut author” title, I visited Dina Santorelli’s blog Making Baby Grand for an interview. We chatted about writer’s block, motivations, and what I call “James Patterson Syndrome.” Come check it out. 

2) On Beyond The Margins, a handful of writer friends got together to confess our stationery obsessions. Yes, stationery–writing supplies of every make and model. No simple paper and pencil will do. I could spend hours in an office supplies store. I’m an organizational freak, so the thought of a whole shop filled with folders, stickers, fine point Sharpies and Lord help me, Post-it Notes sends me all aflutter. Maybe you’re like me. Maybe you aren’t. In either case, we’re spilling the beans on the tools we crave in our daily work.

Happy Tuesday! 

Yours truly, Sarah 



  1. Sarah – I finally got to read the blurb for your new book, The Baker’s Daughter. I. Cannot. Wait. What a great story line. Congratulations!

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