Posted by: Sarah | September 22, 2011

Thursday Tea Party: Oops, I Blogged.

The Reading:

It’s the third day of my social media hiatus from Twitter and Facebook. I suppose this blog counts as social media, but we’ll pretend it is outside the constraints. It’s the diet soda you probably shouldn’t have if you were strictly adhering to a full-blown “detox” or “cleanse” but, come on, we all have our crutches. Besides, I’ve never been a dieter so really I’m just staying true to form. Yes, some might label blogging a cheat, and maybe it is. If so, fine, I’m cheating on my social media diet. I’m sure you, good reading folk, will give me reprieve. Three days in, and I’m going through withdrawal. I miss you friends. However, I must admit that getting back on the writing wagon has felt extraordinarily good. I’m working on my third novel. Having begun it at the onset of summer and put it aside for various procrastinations (namely, my new pup Gilbert), I’d forgotten how much I love the characters and story. It’s like walking back into a merry get-together, and everyone is so very glad you’ve returned. They’re hugging and welcoming you in, handing you appetizers and wine, and bantering all at once trying to tell you everything they have to say. It’s thrilling! And a touch overwhelming. I must give them my undivided attention now. They’ve patiently waited for it.

I picked up Kate Christensen’s The Great Man. It’s hard to fully invest in other authors’ fiction when I’m composing my own, so the reading is slow. I read only in bed: early in the morning (before I go to my writing office and laptop) or late at night. I find it encouraging and inspiring to read good prose. It buoys me on in the converse way that a poorly written, doltish work makes me shake my head and worry for the future of literature. Kate Christensen is most certainly of the good. I’m only a handful of chapters in so far, but The Great Man is excellent. There’s cheekiness in the narrative voice that has me riveted. And I adore the vivaciousness given to these 70-year-old characters. I’m ashamed I haven’t picked up this novel some time ago.

The Tea:

Nothing exciting this week: I’m back on the Bewley’s Dublin Morning. I’ve formed an addiction to this brew. Since I’m giving up social media until October, I’m allowed to indulge in excessive amounts of caffeine. I figure that’s fair.

Sarah’s Sipping Summary:

On behalf of Sarah the author, I think the book-to-tea correlation is analogous. I’m replacing one addiction (Twitter/Facebook) with another (dark, black tea). In terms of the characters in Christensen’s book, I believe Teddy and Lila would share a pot of this. It’s not a terribly expensive tea, but it comes off decadent by its robust flavor. In the early chapters, Teddy creates rich, delicious meals for the visiting biographers with budget ingredients. I’m a lady who totally appreciates that, so she had me won from the get-go.

Cheers, Sarah

Please visit my tea party friends and say hello for me from the land of writing hermits: Beth Fish Reads and Anastasia.



  1. So delighted to see your blog post. We miss you on Twitter, my dear! But I think the idea of a social media hiatus to reconnect with a neglected manuscript is a wonderful idea. Hope it goes well for you. In the meantime, enjoy The Great Man. I read it several years ago and was completely drawn in by the characters and voice, too. Your description of “cheekiness” is perfect. See you back online in October!

  2. I’ve also considered a social media “fast,” but I haven’t the gumption to go all out, yet.

    I always enjoy reading what tea you’re drinking. I just finished sipping my double-mug full of Wilderness Family Natural’s Green Tea. Yum!

    Good luck with book 3!

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