Posted by: Sarah | September 29, 2011

Thursday Tea Party: A Message in a Blog From My Desert Island

The Reading:

Hi folks, remember me? I’m still here—in my social media recluse burrow.  Twitter/Facebook Lent 2011 has been far more difficult than I ever imagined. While two weeks usually flies by, it’s felt like an eternity of separation from you, my supportive social media friends. Especially when you live 2,000 miles away from a majority of your lovies in a town clinging to the rocky border of Texas. This experiment in social media radio silence has shown me that a lot can happen in two week’s time. I’ve been sad to miss the daily conversations with everyone from Boston to Seattle. That being said, I’m cramming a message in this blog, tossing it into the media sea, and hoping it washes up on the shore of someone’s web browser.

As I mentioned at last week’s tea party, I’ve been writing on my next novel. In addition, I’ve been working on updating my website for The Baker’s Daughter release. Yeppers! Get ready for a totally revamped, y’all. We aim to have it live on November 1, 2011 so stay tuned for more information on that. By then I’ll be back in the social media swing and plan to play town crier—not just because I’m excited to share details about The Baker’s Daughter but also because my new web designer deserves three cheers for her hard work. I love championing folks who’ve made the brave choice to pursue their artistic aspirations full time. They are my kindreds. And I truly believe web designers are this generation’s renaissance artists. Michelangelo was hired to paint a scene on a chapel ceiling. It was a business deal, an exchange of his skill and creativity for a fee. It was a job. However, no one can deny that the Sistine Chapel is much more. I believe a similar truth applies to web designs. The men and women who create them are artists performing an inspired trade, so I give them the reverence I feel they deserve. Personally, I couldn’t make a stick figure out of CSS and HTML codes and still find it unfathomable that static digits can produce visual patterns. It’s a fascinating process in which I can only provide my aesthetic opinion. But the website text–now that falls directly in my bailiwick. So I’ve been working away on various detail-oriented tasks related to the web facelift and some nonfiction pieces for lovely friends who’ve invited me on their blogs, online magazines, etc. 

Last, but certainly not least, I’ve been baking! My husband is truly the yin to my yang. While my health demands that I be a stringent GF gal, my hubs is the complete opposite. Oats are the (doctor’s) order of the day! I’ve been appointed to bake him weekly oat bran muffins. According to hubs, my first batch suffered from cardboard syndrome so I’ve tweaked the recipe (to include Agave nectar instead of honey plus frozen blueberries and walnuts) to his happy approval. Between writing, website biz, and mitting up at the trill of the oven timer, I’m still reading Kate Christensen’s The Great Man and it’s a true gem.

 The Tea:

Sip, sip, sip. I’m continuing in my caffeine excess with a double-bag: orange pekoe black tea and Matcha green tea. Yes, double your pleasure, double your fun— two brews in one. (I feel the compulsion to raise my teacup and flash a Vanna White grin after that jaunty endorsement.)  Tea purist might guffaw at such a notion, but I’ve come to crave the malty black tea mixed with the herbaceous green. It’s a comforting cup. As with many things in life, pure and simple is fabulous but sometimes a blend is even better.

Sarah’s Sipping Summary:

The black-n-green brew perfectly reflects all the hats I’m wearing this week— the mix of artistic flavors I’m dipping into. Happy Thursday Tea, my dears! I look forward to being back in the social saddle the next time we meet.

 Cheers, Sarah

As always, please visit my dear friends at their Thursday Teas: Beth Fish Reads and Anastasia. I’m looking forward to next week when I can visit them too!



  1. I miss you so on fb and twitter, but understand your need to work. I met a lovely girl from PR today and told her about your book, I then ordered a copy for her and I hope she will enjoy it as much as I did.
    I’m baking oatmeal /dried cranberry cookies for my college daughters tonight, a special request as we go to visit them tomorrow:).
    Be well!!

  2. Sarah – We can’t wait to see your new website, and your smiling face in my twitter feed. Thanks for this update and the inspired tea blend. I’ll be trying that in about one whole hour. Hang in there!!

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