Posted by: Sarah | October 13, 2011

Thursday Tea Party: Momma-Me & Puppy Slurps

The Reading:

Happy Thursday Tea, y’all! It’s Thursday, October 13. Does that mean next year we’ll have a full-on Friday the 13th of October? It only being Thursday, I suppose the scare factor is more “Meep” and less “Bwah!”

I wish I could report that I’m speed-reading through so many books that I can hardly keep up with telling you about them, but, alas, I’m still holding Kate Christensen’s  The Great Man. (How many weeks has it been now?) Judge me as you may. I am at your mercy. Truthfully, since I plunged back into the social media-sphere, I’ve hardly had a moment for pleasure reading. If I have a spare quarter hour, I hand it over to the characters in the novel I’m working on. This, as you can imagine, results in a kind of disjointed, frenetic writing pace. One day, I’ll write for a few groovy hours, get 2,000 words on the page, walk-n-bathe the dog, take back-to-back conference calls, go for a jog, and have supper on the table without breaking stride. The next, I’ll spend 8-9 hours sitting at my laptop, mentally muscling through every toilsome word for a grand total of 300. As I tweeted a couple days back: Novels are like diva children. As the author, you are adored and feted by them on Monday only to be scorned and snubbed come Friday. And like any mother/creator, you love regardless. You can do no less.

So taking a cue from a couple of my mommy friends, I decided to implement the Momma-Me time. I said to my novel #3, “Listen, sweet thing, I love you, but I need an hour away from you. Momma-Me time.” And I took Christensen out on the patio to read and tea party for an hour without an ounce of guilt. It was lovely.

The Tea:

So, I have some interesting news to report: Did you know that green tea benefits our poochie friends too? If you did, you are a giant step ahead of me. Being a tea lover and a dog lover, the combination of the two is a match made in Sarah-land.

Here are the cool facts: In 2002, an American Cancer Society study found that green tea extract and prednisone/quinolone successfully boosted the immune system and treated canine lymphoma. Studies also showed a correlation between daily consumption of green tea and a decrease in canine stomach, esophageal and liver cancer. In addition, a Japanese dog food company, Inba Pet Food, found that green tea eliminates unpleasant canine odors. (I’ll just leave it like that and you can use your imagination powers to glean my meaning.)

It’s important to note, however, that the tea must be decaffeinated, as caffeine is not good for our furry friends.

Well, I’ll be… Who knew! Now, before I go inviting Gilbert to slurp brewed green at our tea party, I’m going to check with his vet. If she gives me the okay then next week, I’ll offer him a cup with his afternoon biscuit.

Sarah’s Sipping Summary:

I think these are complimentary reading and tea partners. Neither one is new and yet, I found new ways of enjoying both.

Cheers, my dears! Sarah

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  1. Oh my gosh, Gilbert is adorable! If the vet gives you the okay, let me know how he likes tea.

  2. Awww I love the idea that you and Gilly will be sipping a cuppa together.

  3. That’s interesting about the green tea. I wonder if it works for kitties? As for taking your time reading a good book, I think that’s one of life’s most simple and pure pleasures. Enjoy. Can’t wait to hear more about the novel you’re working on!

  4. The few large-scale human studies that have focused on green tea’s impact on heart disease and cancer are promising, but many of those were conducted in the East, where green tea is a dietary mainstay. The outcomes are likely influenced by other lifestyle factors such as high consumption of fish and soy protein, says cardiologist Nieca Goldberg, MD, a spokeswoman for the American Heart Association and medical director of the New York University Women’s Heart Center.*

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