Posted by: Sarah | October 20, 2011

Thursday Tea Party: Flying Friendly Skies to Portland

The Reading: 

This is going to have to be a short tea party entry, my friends, as I am on the jetway preparing to take flight for the Mt. Hood Women Writers Retreat in Portland, Oregon. This is my first trip to the official Northwest, and I am very excited.

A) I get to see the water! Namely, the Pacific Ocean, though I hear there are lakes around Mt. Hood too. Water, water everywhere. That, alone, has me ten kinds of dreamy.

B) This area is heavily forested and it is FALL. If you’ve been tuning into this blog for… a blink, then you know my obsession and deep homesickness for the landscape of Virginia’s Shenandoah valley. While not Virginia, Portland does offer me the opportunity to frolic in leafy wonderland before heading back to the desert.

C) Did I mention this is a women writers retreat? Indeed, I’ll be there with a fabulous group of fellow authors and have no doubt it’s sure to be a wicked good time. We are all coming in ugly socks with the promise of libations. Oh yeah. I promise to post pics (deemed appropriate for public viewing) when I return next week. 

So back to the question: What am I reading? At the moment, this month’s Virginia Living Magazine. It’s one of my favorites and I’m a faithful subscriber. As soon as we get the go-ahead from our flight attendants, I plan to catch up on some Books On The Nightstand podcasts. I do love that Michael Kindness and Ann Kingman!

The Tea:

Is it a sacrilege to tell you I’m not sipping tea? ‘Tis true. I’m drinking a fuzzy orange-flavored concoction: an Airborne tablet dissolved in a water bottle. Some people may not buy into the whole Vitamin C, homeopathic route, but I’ve experienced its energetic immunity-boosting powers. (I’m not naïve enough to rule out the placebo effect but whatever the reason, this stuff makes me feel… fortified!) So I’m sipping my potion as I fly with a rain check on the tea. My friend, author Therese Walsh, will be in Portland and we have a weekend tea party date.

Sarah’s Sipping Summary:

I wonder what BOTNS literati Michael and Ann would say about my Airborne choice. Are they Vitamin C-believers? (Yeah, this is the best I can come up with for a reading-tea correspondence. Weak, perhaps, but after hours of listening to BOTNS, I’m genuinely interested in their every opinion.)

 Cheers and safe journeys to everyone traveling with me today! Sarah

P.S. Remember to visit Beth Fish Reads and Anastasia at their Thursday Teas.


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