Posted by: Sarah | October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Basically, our Halloween story goes something like this…

Sarah gets candy bowl together for coming little monsters. This would include various gummi body parts and Halloween pencils. (I’m sure these kids will be delighted to receive writing utensils from me. Yes, I’m officially a big, grownup nerd.) Sarah puts costume on Gilly. Gilly pulls it off. Sarah puts it back on. Gilly pulls it off. Sarah gets a hair clip and clips the sombrero to Gilly’s head. Gilly is in hell and hates his momma (that’d be me). He puts his head down and refuses to move. Sarah baits him with a treat. He looks up long enough to snap one measly photo, takes his treat, then pouts again. Sarah realizes she’s just behaved like a stage mom. She takes off the clipped sombrero and proceeds to add it to her own costume. Sarah is a Chico’s Southwestern Bat. A very common spook around these parts and extremely terrifying. In the above slideshow, it has been captured in motion. If you are easily frightened, please refrain from viewing.

Happy Halloweenie from my writing office to you. Be safe, folks! Check those apples for razor blades and such. (Do they still tell parents to do that? Do people still give out fruit? Am I that incredibly old??)

Yours truly, Sarah (a.k.a. The Chico’s Bat-lady) 



  1. I like your little slide show. Bella proudly wore her pumpkin tee shirt, and she eagerly greeted each little Trick or Treater. She is a hoot!!
    We don’t have that many kids in our neighborhood, Nick went to a friend’s house to hang out, and we have some chocolate left, a good deal!!

  2. Oh, Sarah!! Gilly is *adorable* in that sombrero! And YOU, my dear, make the BEST Chico’s Southwestern Bat imaginable 😉 .

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