Posted by: Sarah | November 10, 2011

Thursday Tea Party: Reading Tribbles and Bewley’s Besties

The Reading:


Okay, that sounds as bad as it looks written, but it’s the truth. I’m not reading much of anything these days minus a stack of daily emails and my own in-progress writing. Boring, I know. I’m sorry to disappoint my tea party friends. I really ought to pick up a new book, and there a bazillion excellent ones to choose from. But right now, I haven’t an extra hour in the day to make a meal that isn’t microwavable, never mind dig into a good fiction cake. I’m making do with a literary spoonful here and a frosting swipe there. Late at night, when I’m completely brain dead and simply wanting a sweet treat, I flip through my stack of unread magazines. I’m convinced I won’t re-subscribe to a couple. Narrow my monthly options. Otherwise, they’re like Tribbles, multiplying at a rapid, terrifying pace. Since I’m also a Frugal Fanny, these unread periodicals feel like a waste. Don’t get me wrong: I want to read them. I have every intention of reading them. I just… don’t. And in some odd way, not reading feels like a failure. Like a box I never got around to checking, which drives me bananas. It’s for this very reason that I buy my books in batches, not all at once. I can’t stand to see an unread book staring at me day after day, reminding me that it is there and I have never even cracked its spine. Yes, the perception that published works are calling to me and judging me for my neglect is absolutely ridiculous. And yet… that’s how I feel. All this is an attempt to console and excuse my lack of reading. I’m not fooling myself—or you either, right!

How about this: Tell me what YOU are reading? I’d love to hear.

The Tea:

Thank God for my friend Therese Walsh. At the Mt. Hood Women Writers Retreat, she gave me the most fabulous gift. You probably already guessed it: tea! A whole, big, beautiful box of Bewley’s Irish Breakfast. It is delicious. I started drinking it in the cedar forest of Mt. Hood and have not ceased. Here’s the product description: 

Made in Ireland, Bewley’s Irish Breakfast Loose Leaf Tea is an invigorating blend of high-grown Indian tea leaves from Assam and Darjeeling. Bewley’s Irish Breakfast Loose Leaf Tea has a creamy, malty flavor and a full bodied taste, which gives it a strong flavor. Bewley’s Irish Breakfast Loose Leaf tea is best enjoyed with the addition of milk.

I’ve had it plain and with milk. (Therese and I are all about the soy milk.) It is delicious either way. I’m sipping it now, missing my friend, and looking forward to sharing a cup and a comfy sofa with her again soon. 

Sarah’s Sipping Summary:

Drinking this tea reminds me that some days are meant for lifting your head out of your book, looking away from the words and the story world for a brief time to enjoy the company of reality—the friends that bless your life with their presence and love. I’m thankful to all of my Mt. Hood writer pals for helping me do that, and I’m grateful to Teri for giving me a warm reminder to take home. 

Yours truly, Sarah 



  1. I’m so glad you’re continuing to enjoy it! Cheers, Sarah!

  2. What a very sweet friend. I must say I look forward to your weekly tea posts! I’m a coffee lover………..but every now and then a cup of tea is nice.

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