Posted by: Sarah | November 27, 2011

Much to Fa La-La About: Goodreads Winners, Christmastime, and a Game

The Season of Light has arrived. I’ve just finished decking our halls: garlands are strung; ornaments hung; Nutcrackers stand tall at their posts; sleigh by the front door; jingle bells and lights at every corner; and I’ve just discovered a new candle scent obsession: “Winter” by Bath and Body Works. So already I’m in a festive mood.

In addition to the Christmas flair, yesterday was the annual Virginia versus Virginia Tech Thanksgiving football game. If you don’t hail from the state of Virginia, you may not be aware of the weighty rivalry between our schools. This happens to be amplified in my home. My youngest brother and I are VT alumni. My husband is a Hoo. I won’t perseverate on the straight-up spanking the Hokies gave the Hoos in their own house yesterday. The scoreboard was harsh enough. Ahem. No waving flags or pompoms in my husband’s face. We try to be civil. I may have gone to Va Tech for undergrad, but I do adore my Virginia men (obviously–I married one). Truthfully, I would’ve given anything to have been home in Charlottesville for the game. It doesn’t really matter who wins or loses. It’s the tradition of the game that I respect and love.

So, needless to say, I am in a Fa La-La La-La spirit and thrilled to congratulate my four winners of the The Baker’s Daughter ARC Goodreads Giveaway. First off, let me thank everyone who entered to win. In 30 days, almost 3,000 readers signed up for the four available copies. That blows my mind! I’m so grateful and humbled that so many readers are excited about The Baker’s Daughter. Only two months before all of your pre-ordered copies arrive on your doorstep and the bookshelves are ripe for the taking!

Now, my wonderful winners are… drumroll please…

Ryan Betesta of Winatoba, Canada
Cate Forster of Victoria, Australia
Jacqueline Maranville of Maryland
Lindsey Rowe of Virginia

Congratulations to these fine folk! Two readers from places I’ve called home (Maryland and Virginia) and two international. I am thrilled! Your advance reader copies will be on their way to your doorsteps promptly, my friends. I hope you enjoy reading two months ahead of release! 

If you are one of the lovely readers who entered and didn’t win, stay tuned. The word from Crown is that there are more Goodreads giveaways in store so keep checking GoodreadsTwitter, Facebook, and this blog for the announcement. 

I hope you all had a phenomenal Thanksgiving with your family and friends. Now, as Santa has officially made his Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade  appearance, the holidays are in full swing and I send you warmest season’s greetings from my Southwest pepper paradise! 



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