Posted by: Sarah | January 3, 2012

The Baker’s Daughter Online Excerpt & Reading Group Guide

Happy 2012, my dear friends!

I hope your holidays were fantabulous. Now that we’re all snuggling back into our daily routines, I’m looking forward to catching up at our upcoming Thursday Tea Party. It feels like forever since we shared a cuppa. However, I wanted to quickly post a couple of crucial announcements regarding The Baker’s Daughter.

It is January. As in, the January that The Baker’s Daughter releases! (My heart just jack-frogged in my chest.) I have a big, gold star marking January 24 on my calendar and can’t wait to share this novel with all of you! But you don’t have to wait the whole month to start reading. The Prelude and first three chapters are officially available online for you to download– free! Just pop over to my website, click on The Baker’s Daughter book page and go to the Book Group links to download the chapters. In addition, the Reading Group Guide is now online too. (Warning: The RGG includes some possible plot spoilers!) Book clubs and readers who’ve already pre-ordered copies, get your group discussion prepped and ready with questions and book club activity suggestions. All of that is currently available with more to come upon release! 

January 24 will be here in a blink. So pre-order your copies now and The Baker’s Daughter will be on your doorstep first thing. I am getting so darn excited! I hope you all join me on launch day to celebrate LIVE on Goodreads! Click here to RSVP. I promise to rein in my cartwheel parade as best I can that day… but forgive me if more than a few jazz hands pass over the Internet. 

Yours truly, Sarah



  1. If you do cartwheels I want video!! I’ve pre-ordered my hard copy…you know for famous author signing in big D!!!
    I cannot wait to read, I know it will be so lovely!!

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