Posted by: Sarah | January 19, 2012

Tea Party Roundup: Goodreads Live Launch Party, Amazon, & More!

The Reading Roundup:

This time next week, The Baker’s Daughter will be OUT sitting on bookstore shelves across the nation and in Canada and shipped directly to pre-ordered readers’ doorsteps.

The magnitude of that sentence deserves its own paragraph. The time has finally come. The Crown stork is loading up copies of my book baby and set to fly. And I, anxious little author in my writing office on the seam of Texas and Mexico, am fixing to bust with joy and nerves. Because let’s be honest, this is terrifying. It’s the equivalent of sending out your child—not a birth announcement or photo but your actual child. Handing it off to friends and strangers alike and praying to God they love it as much as you do… because it is a part of me. This novel thing created within is now of substance, standing on its own two feet. As its maker, I’m proud, elated, and terrified for it. Like most parents, I want to stay close and protect it as it ventures out, but I can’t. One last hug then I let go and pray for it to discover all the greatness I hope for it.

All that being said, I’m glad I have you, friends, to help bolster me through this time and the next many months while I travel on the book tour. I know the novel is in the FINEST hands when I hear from you, and that is such a comfort!

Regarding our Thursday Tea Parties, I wondered if it might be all right if I occasionally post a Reading Roundup instead of a true Reading. The difference? A Reading Roundup will include links to blogs where The Baker’s Daughter is being featured or I’m writing a guest column/essay/post. As well, it’ll include links to news bits, giveaways, reviews, and so forth. So the RR will be more link-centric while my typical Readings focus on an actual book. I’ll still do Readings. I’ll have an abundance of airplane time in February and a bounty of to-be-read books stacked in my office. So I’ll continue to share what novel worlds I’m dipping into, but today is the inception of the Reading Roundup. Giddy-up!

1) Only a few days left to RSVP for The Baker’s Daughter Live Video Launch Party (January 24 at 2 p.m. EST) on Goodreads. Jael McHenry (The Kitchen Daughter) and I will be talking about our books and it’s sure to be a boot stompin’ good time. I mean, who doesn’t love to see people unscripted? They always end up saying outrageous things, right! (Gulp.) Okay, note to self, Do not say outrageous things, Sarah. In any case, I’ll love having all of you with me to celebrate my second book baby’s birthday. Can’t imagine any better company!

2) While you’re over there RSVP-ing for the party, you might as well sign up for the giveaway too! There are five free, signed copies of The Baker’s Daughter plus special launch day book totes and goodies. These are only available to Goodreads readers to commemorate the release party. Don’t miss out on that.

3) Amazon has officially released two bonus features for The Baker’s Daughter, and I’m beating that cow jumping over the moon I’m so happy about them:

           a) Author Chris Bohjalian (Skeletons at the Feast, The Night Strangers) gave an exclusive Featured Author Review extoling The Baker’s Daughter.

          b) Author Lisa See (Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, Dreams of Joy) and I had a lovely Q&A .

4) Tuesday, January 17, was the kickoff of The Baker’s Daughter book tour! The divine Larramie had me over at The Divining Wand blog where she asked some very revealing questions.

5) Tomorrow, Friday, January 20, TBD visits author Marilyn Brant on her Magical Musings blog. Marilyn is the most genuinely sweet person you could ever hope to meet. We spent time together at the Mt. Hood Writers Retreat this past October and it was such a pleasure. So when she asked me if I might provide a recipe not included in the novel’s Epilogue, I happily obliged. Don’t miss that exclusive dish!

That’s the RR for the week!

The Tea:

I am nearly drowning (deliciously) in tea these days, attempting to stay warm and not catch any of the winter sore throats/colds/flus/viruses that seem to be going round. I’m sipping my signature: 1 orange pekoe + 1 Matcha green. Brewed together for a cup that provides both a jolt of caffeine, the black tea antioxidants, and all the green tea bennies. This is not a drink for the weak of heart, mind you, but it’s my staple. I happen to buy both the OP and the Matcha in bulk from Costco so… I never fear of running out.

Sarah’s Sipping Summary:

Being that today is the first Reading Roundup at our tea party, I could probably be drinking hot Rio Grande water (which technically, I probably am—purified, of course) and it would correlate. Happy Thursday Tea to you, and I’m so looking forward to our next party when The Baker’s Daughter will be in many of your hands!!

Cheers, my dears, Sarah



  1. You know, it has never occurred to me to combine teas like that. I’ll have to give it a try!

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