Posted by: Sarah | April 9, 2012

THE BAKER’S DAUGHTER Paperback Release!

We have a date, friends!
The Baker’s Daughter will release in paperback on

AUGUST 14, 2012!

I’m so pleased to make the announcement. Readers have responded with such love and allegiance to The Baker’s Daughter and her signature red hat that Crown has decided the same cover will grace the paperback edition. So get your red cloche hats and join the party! A handful of dear readers on Twitter suggested a grand The Baker’s Daughter soirees with the novel and 1940s hats center stage. That sounds like perfection! Let’s do it. One devoted reader even went so far as to make a Pinterest page for The Baker’s Daughter hats. Check that out and pin away!

Readers: If you are planning a book club discussion or party with TBD, I’m available to Skype or phone in and would love to chat with your members.

Booksellers: If you’re interested in having me visit for an event, feel free to get to get in touch here. As well, check in on my book tour schedule. If I’m already booked to a city within an hour of your shop, I’ll do my darnedest to make a visit to your good readers happen.

In honor of the paperback release, I’m in the process of organizing a fall paperback tour. I’ll fill you in on more details as soon as I have them, but I believe I may be burning both ends of the candle. Ahem… that’s a little hint there. (East Coast AND West Coast.) So stay tuned!

That’s the exciting news this April Monday. I shared The Baker’s Daughter book trailer on my website, Twitter and Facebook but neglected to post it here on my blog. Click on the image to watch:

A quick review roundup, too:

The Baker’s Daughter was the perfect read for me. On top of telling a wonderful story, it connected me to my past and gave me pause to think about current social issues and the hurts I’ve been holding on to for far too long. I was in this novel the entire way through. The ending was bittersweet and brought tears to my eyes several times over. I reflected on how much there is in this life that can separate us from those we love. Those things that separate us may seem very important at the time, but in the end it is the love and the closeness that is most precious. That is why forgiveness is such a gift. Perhaps it is the capacity to be merciful more than anything else that makes us human, that makes being human worthwhile. Pick up The Baker’s Daughter. Read it for the stories Sarah McCoy has crafted. Then, pick up the phone and call those you love. Forgive and be forgiven. It feels better than you know.”
~Jennifer, Literate Housewife

McCoy reveals the extent of research she undertook for this novel… Though The Baker’s Daughter is a novel that deals with heavy issues, it isn’t a difficult or weighty.  McCoy’s prose flows smoothly, and the book as a whole is happily an easy one to read.  The issues it tackles, combined with the vibrant, sympathetic characters, make it an excellent choice for book clubs.  Readers will be itching to discuss the events of the novel with others, and perhaps the delectable food descriptions and recipes in the book will inspire a book club feast.
~Swapna Krishna, S. Krishna’s Books

Sarah McCoy has written and expansive, multi-generational family history that is intricately complex. The result is a deep and satisfying story that involves a clever strategy of interconnected lives…The reader is pulled across the decades with this writer’s clever craft as you follow Elsie at age seventeen in 1944, to Elsie’s life in Texas at seventy-nine. Family secrets, courage, love and forgiveness are themes that resonate throughout this richly well-written novel with boundless depth that will pull the reader forward.
On a personal note: I was a captive reader unable to put it down, reluctant to see this story end. Thanks to the author for a welcomed legacy from Elsie’s bakery: a warm encore. This will be a top pick for Bookworm’s Dinner in 2012.”
~Wisteria Leigh, Bookworm’s Dinner 

Again, the words of these astute book bloggers and readers mean more than I could ever express. They elegantly capture the spirit of The Baker’s Daughter. I can’t thank you enough for embracing this book, cheerleading for it, and passing it on to family, friends, and even strangers they bumped into at bookstores. That story made me immeasurably happy–because that’s exactly what you can’t get online… connecting face to face, hand to hand, with your local literary community. I listen from my West Texas home and my heart is near to burst with gratitude. Please keep sharing your stories with me. You can find me on Twitter or Facebook nearly every day!

Yours truly, Sarah



  1. Congratulations! I’m not a bookseller, but I’d love for you to do an event at my local bookstore – Fiction Addiction!

  2. Oh man, I’m dying to read this (waiting on my BFF to finish). I think that’s great that the cover isn’t changing – it was an instant classic. I sure hope Seattle is on your itinerary!

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