Posted by: Sarah | April 27, 2012

#FridayReads Tea Party: @HuffPostBooks, @HashHags, Book Club Visits & a Dutch Cover

Happy #FridayReads Tea Party, my friends!

It’s been quite a busy couple of weeks despite putting myself on travel hiatus. I’ve had the privilege of guest posting for the Huffington Post Books section as well as hanging out with the lovely NPR Hash Hags, virtual chatting with The Next Best Book Club on Goodreads, Skyping with book clubs across the country and visiting a hometown one. I’ve met so many amazing people from my writing desk chair! What a remarkable world we live in today. I’m constantly marveled.

In other news, I’ve just gotten a glimpse of the Dutch cover for The Baker’s Daughter and it is prachtig! (That’s marvelous in Dutch.) Of course I couldn’t keep it all to myself so here it is… ta da!!!

Now, I swore to the stars I’d devote April to the page. To some extent, I have kept my vow; however, the pages I really must be working on are more of the fiction variety so I’ll have to make this #FridayReads tea soiree brief. My current characters are giving me an earful.

Reading Roundup:

Contributing essays to The Huffington Post Books:

1) “Soldier Readiness?” about my military background as it relates to the HuffPost current book club pick: What It Is Like to Go to War by Karl Marlantes.

2) “Men of War Are Conflicting Characters” about writing from the perspective of a Nazi officer in The Baker’s Daughter.

 If you aren’t familiar with NPR’s Hash Hags, I promise you will be an instant fan. The hostesses, Julie Klam, Ann Leary, and Laura Zigman, are absolutely phenomenal.

I had the luxury of supping with the brilliant Laura Zigman while book touring in Boston and she’s as hilarious in person as she is on the show. I can’t say enough how gracious and loving these ladies are. I just prayed I didn’t come off completely nerd-acious in their esteemed radio company. Judge me kindly friends. (I have yet to hear this all the way through. I can’t even listen to my cell phone’s answering message!) Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy hearing me talk off-the-cuff. The show: Sarah McCoy on NPR’s Hash Hags.

★  In case you missed it, there are still four days left in the month to join The Next Best Book Club’s April’s Choice discussion of The Baker’s Daughter. Even if you haven’t read the book yet, you can still participate! And the thread will remain up permanently so feel free to jump on and check out the incredibly thoughtful questions posed by readers—and my answers, of course. Plus some info I bet you weren’t expecting! Ex. Did you know I really did have a friend who adopted a cow? Yep, yep. Check it out here.

Huge thanks to all of the Skyping and local book clubs from Chicago to Cape Code! Such generous readers and new friends. I felt as if we were drinking tea together in my office… but then, I suppose we were in a way! Thanks for inviting me into your homes and schools. It was such a privilege and delight to visit both in person and via Skype!

So that’s the reading roundup, ladies and gentlemen. Shew-wee, a busy month and May is looking to be the same. I’m off to an event at Parnassus Books in Nashville followed by the Gaithersburg Book Festival in DC Metro. If you’re in either of those areas, come on out! I’d love to meet you.


The gracious hostess of my El Paso book club, Mrs. Sarah See, not only invited me into her good home to discuss The Baker’s Daughter with her friends, but she gave me flowers and tea to take home! It was such an unexpected, sweet surprise and I can’t thank her enough. She obviously follows my blog because she gave me my favorite staple: Irish Breakfast Tea by Twining. As I’ve blogged quite a few times, I’m an Irish Breakfast junkie. I have every variation and make from Bewley’s to Teavana. And now, I have Twining. So I’ve brewed myself a cup of this and am drinking it lukewarm as it is already in the 90s in El Paso. That’s the beauty of IB, it’s delicious at any temperature.

Sarah Sipping Summary:

Because of the way in which I acquired this brew, there could not be a more perfect sipping correspondence. A brew from a book clubber who shared not only tea but her heart by embracing The Baker’s Daughter. Thank you again, sweet Sarah See. You are a gem!

Yours truly, Sarah



  1. Sounds like you’ve been having a great time.

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