Posted by: Sarah | June 8, 2012

#FridayReads Tea Party: Summer Sis-zlers & Patio Puzzles

Yes, I drink my iced tea in a beer stein. I am odd.

Happy #FridayReads tea party, friends! It’s been a tremendously busy week in NYC with Book Expo America (BEA) monopolizing the publishing industry. Oh, what deals I would’ve struck with crafty elves to live on the East Coast this past week. I’d have driven to the Big Apple in a snap to visit with so many friends: fellow authors, book bloggers, newspaper and magazine reviewers, readers and my Crown publishing family! All in one tiny Tetris row of city. It’s made me green to the gills with envy to watch from afar as folks hugged and drank libations to all that is fine and wonderful in the book world.

Now, at the end of the week, I’m terminating this selfish, pity party, pouring myself a glass of iced tea and thanking God that we live in a world where a book expo is powerful enough to put one of the most influential towns in the world on full stop. That, my friends, is a glorious thing. In the language of a dear French friend and author Tatiana de Rosnay, “Vive le livre!”

So I’m going to stop this woe-is-me business and celebrate. I made a solemn vow to the stars that I will be in attendance in future years. The lovely folks at Bookrageous have teased me into submission with their red-loving book carousing. And y’all know my adoration for red. I haven’t got the natural Anne Shirley tresses, but I have a fetching cherry red hat I like to wear.

In other news, The Baker’s Daughter is sitting pretty at lucky number 14 on the Dutch bestseller list! Yaaay! FYI—14 is my birthday. Thus the luck.

This month, I’m getting ready to jaunt off to Chicago for the Glen Ellyn Bookfest, June 23rd. I’ll be participating in a fabulous women’s luncheon. It’s a ticketed affair. So if you’re in the Chicago area, I’d love to see you, but you must snatch your luncheon seat before they sell out. Here’s the link to purchase tickets.

My reading this week has been twofold.

Firstly, Rosamund Lupton’s deliciously mysterious Sister. Oprah Magazine picked it as a summer read in 2011. It’s a crime/mystery story told in such wonderful prose that I’d call it literary thriller fiction or literary crime fiction or literary puzzling-together-the-facts fabulous fiction. Pick a title. Whatever it is, it’s fun. And Rosamund is British. I tack that on because I’ve become something of an Anglophile over the last 6 months and blame it entirely on Downton Abbey. I’m obsessed.

Doc B has even made note, “Why are you watching the BBC all night?”
Me: “It’s melodious. The accents. I’m in love with every person who opens his/her mouth.”
He gave me the look he gives when I baffle him but he doesn’t dare verbally declare it.

Second, and much less interesting, is a series of pictograms on how to put my patio set together. I mention these because I spent a good 3+ hours reading them with Doc B deciphering how G and F went into A and B by way of the little 3-inch crowbar that came with the ginormous stone patio table. We learned two things during this mutual reading: 1) We are not the best team players when it comes to putting together items with a bazillion different parts. 2) We do not enjoy items that come with a bazillion different parts. Nonetheless, our patio set eventually took form thanks to Doc B’s patience and my skills in ripping copious amounts packaging paper off each teeny-weeny part.

The Tea:
Summer has officially arrived. We are in the triple digits in El Paso. Naturally this calls for iced tea—and lots of it! I don’t use anything fancy for my iced tea. Growing up in Virginia, Lipton’s tea bags plus ice and a couple slices of lemon were the staple ingredients for iced tea. I don’t stray from tradition and it never fails to bring me right back home.

Sarah’s Sipping Summary:
My reading and tea have butterfly-effect tie. I’m reading a novel where the main character, Beatrice, is puzzling together the cryptic story of her sister, Tessa. Simultaneously, I put together my tangible patio set, which is an essential item for summertime and iced tea is the obvious tea queen of the hot season. So I’ll now go drink my iced tea and read Sister under my lovely, new, outdoor umbrella. Happy weekend to you, lovies. Cheers!

Yours truly, Sarah



  1. Sounds like a good summer combination…warm weather, hard-to-assemble patio sets, and ice tea!

  2. When we buy anything that must be put together, I typically leave the house and leave Kevin to his grumbling. He manages, but it’s not pretty in process.
    I too was jealous all week over the BEA extravaganza…but the good kind, happy for friends in attendance, happy for bloggers and writers meeting, but I so want to be a part of that myself. I’ll make it….someday.
    Your iced tea just needs some sugar, sugar, and I’d be right there happily with you sipping.
    Stay cool in that EP heat….we have our own kind here, and it comes with rotten humidity, my hair suffers!!
    Hugs my dear!!

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