Posted by: Sarah | June 21, 2012

CHICAGO-bound for @GEBookfest Ladies Luncheon Tea Party

It’s been a full two weeks of graduation events here, and I’m happy to report that after five years of indentured servitude, practicing and perfecting, Doc B has graduated from his medical residency. Hallelujah! Does this mean I don’t have to wash anymore bloody scrubs? I’m told the answer is no. Nonetheless, it’s been a celebratory June with both my family (whom many of you good readers have met at East Coast events) and my in-laws visiting us in the Wild West of El Paso.

Now, finally, we’re taking a few days of quiet rest before I head off to Chicago for the fabulous Glen Ellyn Bookfest! I was there last year with the amazing authors I now consider good friends, Mary Doria Russell, Luis Urrea and his beautiful wife Cindy, Brigid Pasulka, Cristina Henriquez and their families. We had such a phenomenal time that the good folks of the Glen Ellyn Bookfest in partnership with Just The Bookstore have invited me back for the honor of participating on the festival’s Ladies’ Luncheon panel featuring Libby Fischer Hellmann, Hannah Pittard, Charlene Ann Baumbich and me. I’m so looking forward to meeting these fine writers and the many readers attending!

This is a ticked affair. The luncheon is being catered by a scrumptious local restaurant and we’ll be dining at the Glen Ellyn Public Library. Tickets are going fast! Twenty were snatched up between yesterday and today. I’d hate to miss seeing any of you. Once all the tickets are sold, the library won’t be able to accommodate anymore, so don’t wait. Get your tickets now and have lunch with me while I’m in Chicago exclusively for this festival.

For my plane ride to the Windy City, I’ve picked up a book lent to me by a good friend. It’s Jennifer Weiner’s Then Came You. The Washington Post wrote that it is a storymost centrally about women being each other’s fairy godmothers, each other’s ‘mysterious benefactors.’ If you’re a Weiner fan, you’ll lap it up. And if you don’t know her yet, here’s the place to start.” I admit that I haven’t had the pleasure of reading any of Jennifer’s other work so I fall in the latter category of this quote and am following the WaPo’s instructions.

I know I can be openly truthful with you friends: I’m a touch worn down after all the events of the June, so I’m sipping cups of Guayakí Yerba Mate for both the caffeine and the theorized medicinal properties. Yes, yes, Doc B rolls his eyes at this kind of holistic, herbal self-prescription for fatigue, but with each cup I feel a bit rejuvenated. Is it psychosomatic? Possibly, but it’s mighty tasty all the same.
I must thank my sweet friend Carrie from the Hampton Roads Literary Society Book Club who sent me this tea with a lovely note of thanks for our Skype visit. A generous gift when I’m the one honored by the club’s choice of The Baker’s Daughter as the book of the month.

Sarah’s Sipping Summary:
Given that both Then Came You and my cup of Yerba Mate arrived to me from reader friends, I’d say they go hand in hand as I journey to Chicago to meet and have a lunch with more reader friends!  

June is already zooming to its finale with July 4th celebrations just around the bend. Summer is in full swing, my dears. So I wish you a spectacular week of long, sunny hours reading on the hammock and munching picnic lunches with cold pickles. (That’s my vision of perfection. Feel free to insert your own dreamscape here.) I hope to see some of you in Chicago this Saturday. Cheers!  

Yours truly, Sarah 



  1. Congratulations to your hubby!!

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