Posted by: Sarah | July 9, 2012

Giveaway Contest: Christkindl in July for The Baker’s Daughter Paperback

Dear Pepper Cowboy Snowman, please send us some relief…

Oh the weather outside is frightful.

Brush fires are not delightful.

And since we’ve no place to go,

Let’s dream snow and baked goods with cocoa!

Yes, I’m declaring it Christkindl in July.

If you’ll indulge me while I banter on a personal subject: I’ve had a case of the Mondays that started this past Friday and sort of stretched across the weekend. It’s just been one of those “things” you can’t put your finger on but can’t seem to shake. I’ve decided the oppressive heat is partially to blame. A woman does not feel herself at 110 degrees, sweating to stink in half a minute and swelling up like a bratwurst on the charcoal grill. The calendar gives me no consolation either. It’s only July 9th, for heaven’s sake! The summer has only begun and already I’m dreaming of a cool down. Granted, El Paso has been blazing beetles since April, but it’s going to stay this way through Halloween so there’s no use griping now.

Instead, I’ve decided to have a mini-Christmas celebration right here in July. We won’t go full out—no caroling or wool sweaters (Lord, no!). I’ll leave the Claymation series DVDs packed away with the red bows and tree lights. But that doesn’t mean I can’t do a GIVEAWAY with all the festive flair of the season to come. After all, 50 percent of The Baker’s Daughter’s story begins on Christmas Eve 1944 and the paperback of TBD releases in a little over a month.

Paperback release: August 14, 2012. Pre-order now!

The Baker’s Daughter Countdown to Paperback Release Contest

FOUR lucky readers will each win a The Baker’s Daughter-themed countdown-to-the-paperback-release gift, straight from my Christmas-loving door to yours. If you’ve been following me for any amount of time, you know I’m a woman who loves putting together splendiferous packages for my readers, friends, and family. It’s a treat for me—and, hopefully, you too. (Plus it helps my aforementioned Monday blue devils to take a hike.)

So you’re saying to yourself, I love Christmas. I love gifts. I want a The Baker’s Daughter-themed present under my July palm tree. How might I win such a contest, Sarah?

Easy! All you have to do to enter to win one of these merry gifts is go to my Facebook fan page: 1) ‘Like’ the page, 2) write something on the wall—anything you want but you must 3) hashtag it #TheBakersDaughter. And bibbidi-bobbidi-bakery! You’re entered to win Christkindl in July!

Feel free to tweet the contest (this blog link is probably the easiest way) so friends on Twitter can get in on the fun. The contest isn’t partial to Facebook friends. It’s just the easiest place to organize and keep record of contestants.

I’ll draw my four winners at the end of this week: midnight Friday, July 13 with winners announced Saturday, July 14. That way gifts can arrive in plenty of time.

Click over to Facebook and enter now! It’s a spontaneous, weeklong contest to help us beat this crazy heat and dream of cool, jolly days with a novel that Executive Editor of Book Riot Bethanne Patrick told NY1 was one of her winter favorites: “It’s a great one to curl up to with a mug of tea”

Sounds delicious and dreamy to me! So let’s turn up the air-conditioning and curl up together, shall we? Maybe Mother Nature will join us in celebrating TBD’s paperback release and dip temperatures under the hundred mark.

I look forward to announcing and meeting the winners!

White Hot Desert by Eleane McCoy

One last news tidbit before I jet off. Here’s a lovely new review from for The Baker’s Daughter: “Emotional and thought-provoking, Sarah McCoy’s storytelling skills will draw you into this novel.”

Happy summer Monday, friends!

Yours truly, Sarah



  1. I’ll be sure to share so other can enjoy The Baker’s Daughter, my love for it continues.

  2. So excited to learn of your paperback release, m’lady. Exciting (I just recommended your book to another pal)! Alas, I am not on Facebook, and as much as I love a packet of goodies, I can only RT your contest – which I have done. I hear you about the sweltering days of summer. Those 110s are with us here in AZ, too.

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