Posted by: Sarah | August 6, 2012

Giveaways Galore: The Baker’s Daughter in Paperback

In paperback

This time next week, The Baker’s Daughter in paperback will be 24 HOURS from hitting shelves all across the North American continent. To remind you again, this edition is not just the novel and Elsie’s recipes (click the box at right to read what others had to say about the hardback), but also a new Reading Group Guide. This includes Q&As for discussion and suggested party activities for your book clubs! As well, the paperback will have my delightful Q&A with author Lisa See. All that a gorgeous, new paperback package. Perfect for back-to-school classrooms, libraries, or Labor Day beach bags.

So y’all know I love giveaways, right? Indeedy. I am the woman who championed Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s back in the 90s before they were all “popular” on the basis that anybody who gave out free samples with such enthusiasm was a good egg in my book. It is for a similar reason that my husband and I joined Costco a decade back. Yes, I do believe I shall try a sample of that marinated shrimp, thank you very  much.

All that being said, there are BOOKS to be had!

1) Crown Publishing Group Facebook Page: Last week, my publisher gave away 25 copies of TBD in paperback on Facebook in celebration of the August 14 release AND announced my live Facebook discussion on August 23 (mark your calendars, friends).

2) Goodreads: The FB contest was met with such an outpouring of reader demand that now Crown is giving away 25 more copies on Goodreads. This contest runs through August 13, the day before the paperback launches. So do NOT wait another minute: Jump over to Goodreads and sign up to get in on the contest sweepstakes!

3) Another opportunity for freebies: Five signed copies are being given away to Dear Readers that “Like” my Facebook page and enter to win. Click here for details.

4) Chick Lit Is Not Dead: Last, but certainly not least, I’ve been invited over to visit with the gals of Chick Lit Is Not Dead where I’ll be sharing my “5 Things I’d Tell My Teen Self” and… yep, you guessed it, Liz and Lisa have five copies to give away exclusively to their blog readers! Which could be you in a snap. All you have to do is click here, read, and enter.

So between the four of these, your chances of winning a book is looking bright as the August sun! Get in on as many of these contests as you can while the getting is good, friends. And stay tuned as I have many, many more exciting events to share this week before The Baker’s Daughter‘s paperback release… Somebody flash some jazz-hands with me. Oh, yes, the frolic is on! 

Yours truly, Sarah 



  1. Hello Sarah. Gifted writer that you are. Do you still ride your horse
    to your workplace? Or was that only in Puerto Rico? Yes.
    Trader Joe’s is a great store. Do you have one in El Paso del Norte?
    Consumer Report (latest issue) says that Trader Joe’s extra virgin
    olive oil is a best buy. I’ll make it to the Austin Trader Joe’s store
    when they open. If necessary I’ll drive to Santa Fe. Thanks for all
    the book “give-aways”. You are most generous. Generosa!
    Take care. Is Doc on his bicycle? Where is he? Maybe he’s
    in College Station. Next week I return to the classroom at
    St. Joseph High School in Bryan, Texas. Great place!
    Stay cool! Eat well. Remember to drink some tea!
    abrazos de tu amigo juan sanchez

  2. I’ve posted these giveaways on the SavvyVerseWit Facebook page….I wish everyone luck in winning such a great read!

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