Posted by: Sarah | August 20, 2012

THE BAKER’S DAUGHTER: Featured Book Club of the Week

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In June, the fabulous twelve members of Words, Wine and Smart Women book club won copies of The Baker’s Daughter via the contest. Well, friends, these ladies have set the bar HIGH. I’m not ashamed to admit that the thought of moving to Durham, North Carolina, crossed my mind based on the unmistakable proof of that the city is home to superb women, friends and reading taste.

I was blown away by the party they threw in celebration of The Baker’s Daughter this past Tuesday on the very date the book launched in paperback. The “review” from their group was one of the most feted and treasured. I hope she won’t mind if I share a little of what the group’s leader, Lori, wrote to me:

Dear Sarah,
It’s unanimous!  Everyone loved your book The Bakers Daughter.
Our book club gathered on a Tuesday evening for our monthly meeting.  Everyone brought something German to share.  I was able to find the Riesling you suggested, Schwarze Katz.  A good time was had by all. I found a local German bakery, Guglhupf’s, in downtown Durham, NC.  We had Brezel & Linzer Cookies. We also had Sauerkraut Balls, a Black Forest Cake, German Potato Salad, and some Mexican Queso in honor of Ricki.
As far as our discussion of your book, we all agreed it was wonderful.  It was a great read and everyone stated that it was a page turner… Good luck in your future endeavors and we look forward to reading your next novel.
Your new friends,
Words, Wine and Smart Women

New friends, indeed! I can’t thank Lori and Words, Wine and Smart Women enough for embracing and sharing The Baker’s Daughter. That is the ultimate essence of the novel: people connecting, past to present, through food, community, history and literature. Their book club name is so apropos. They are smart women of words and wine! I lift my glass back to them now as they did to me in this video here…

Click image to view video toast.

Thank you a thousand times over! I pray our paths may meet one day. I have twelve hugs on hold for each of you.
Your honorary Words, Wine and Smart Women member,
P.S. If your book club is planning to discuss the book and/or host a The Baker’s Daughter-themed party, send me photos and you could be my Featured Book Club of the week, too! 


  1. Nice! Words, Wine, and Smart Women might be the best name that I’ve ever heard for a book club. 🙂

  2. Love, love, love it!! I want to move to N.C. and join the group! Love the Baker’s Daughter themed idea!!

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