Posted by: Sarah | September 9, 2012

Live @ReadItForward Historical Fiction chat on Tues., 9/11, 7:30 PM EST with Vincent Lam

For those who joined in or have downloaded last week’s Spreecast chat with Mary Doria Russell, thank you! I hope you enjoyed that wonderful discussion. Mary is a brilliant writer and lovely friend to me. At points, it felt like we were sitting across the couch from one another chatting about writing, life, our dogs and The Baker’s Daughter—oh, and there just happened to be a camera broadcasting it live to the world. Now I know how reality TV stars might feel. Every chortle and hiccup is sent streaming through the media spheres. Lucky for us, our readers graciously embraced our chortles!

That Spreecast was such a success, Crown’s Read-It-Forward has invited me to do a second phenomenal event: a live broadcast on Tuesday, September 11, at 7:30 p.m. EST. Think of it like watching your favorite daytime TV talk show. Only even better because it’s ALL about books, their authors and readers! The incredible advantage in the Spreecast is that you have the opportunity to participate and ask what’s on your mind. 

The lovely book maven of Read-It-Forward will moderate your questions and act as hostess to the marvelous Mr. Vincent Lam (The Headmaster’s Wager) and me. The topic of discussion is historical fiction. Specifically, how we are attempting to turn the old genre on its head by writing exciting, new stories that break the genre boundaries.

You, fabulous readers, will be able to ask whatever questions you like via the comment box at the bottom of your “Viewer Chat” screen then watch as we answer you live on air. Click here to RSVP to the Spreecast now! I’ll see you on Tuesday night. It’s a date! 

Yours truly, Sarah


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