Posted by: Sarah | September 28, 2012

THE BAKER’S DAUGHTER: Featured Book Club of the Week

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Another fabulous fall week brings another fabulous featured book club! This time the powers of Skype took me to the Windy City of Chicago and THE BEST BOOK CLUB where Kathy, Marcie, Jane, Debbie and Mary Alice had prepared a German feast in celebration of The Baker’s Daughter. Marcie made Elsie’s brötchen and Oma’s cherry jam from the recipes in the back of the book and showed off her glorious delights, fresh out of the oven. I felt as if I weren’t just a laptop video head, but an actual guest at their bountiful table. Kathy was the impeccable hostess and the others brought the vittles, including German beer, stollen and weinersnitchel with hot mustard! Now that, my friends, is a dinner party much approved by The Baker’s Daughter and me.

We talked about everything under The Baker’s Daughter‘s oven light: Elsie leaving her parents for America, research for the contemporary story, the untold German side of WWII, the heartbreak of the Hebrew ring, the ways in which our own lives are shades of grey (and not at ALL like Fifty Shades— kudos again for tossing that book aside, KP!), plus so many more insightful discussions and much laughter! I even gave them a little bonus teaser of my third novel that I’m working on now. They were very good at coaxing out more info than I’ve previously divulged! Clever readers. 😉

I can’t thank THE BEST BOOK CLUB enough for inviting me into their home and decades-long sisterhood. You ladies inspire me, and I’m honored to count you as faithful fans. I gave my word that the next time I’m in Chicago, we will rendezvous. I can’t wait to make good on that. It will be entirely my pleasure. Until then, I’m grateful for your love and cheerleading of my novels. I know we won’t be far apart in spirit. Prost to you, my dears!

Yours truly, Sarah

P.S. Stay tuned for more featured book clubs, which could be yours! If your club is discussing The Baker’s Daughter and would like to send me photos of your fun event, please feel free to contact me at I’d love to hear from you!  


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