Posted by: Sarah | October 5, 2012

THE BAKER’S DAUGHTER: Featured Book Club of the Week

The Open Minds Book Club: LaDonna Burke-Mills, Mary Lou Albert, Deb Edwards, and Janet Anderson

This week’s featured book club comes from the glorious and colorful city of Cedaredge, Colorado. The Open Minds Book Club of Cedaredge Community United Methodist Church chose The Baker’s Daughter as their September pick and were gracious enough to share their incredible meeting with me. The club’s faithful member, Janet Anderson, described their evening so delightfully that I had to copy and paste it here:

Color Sunday in Colorado. Photo by Janet Anderson.

“… we had a ‘tasty’ meeting devouring and digesting THE BAKER’S DAUGHTER along with a generous serving of Schnecken Sticky German Snails (p.284) thoughtfully made by Mary Lou Albert. Our facilitator stressed the deceits and truths in each character on a personal, familial, and national level…”

I was thrilled to hear that my book solicited such thought-provoking topics of discussion, and that the ladies made German sticky buns. What a treat! Thank you for wholeheartedly embracing The Baker’s Daughter–in mind, spirit and body! Mm-mm, I bet Mary Lou’s baking was scrumptious! 

Grand Mesa, Colorado. Photo by Janet Anderson.

I’ve spent a majority of the week in novel-land working on Book #3, but it is such a joy to resurface from my writing hermitage to wonderful readers and book clubs like this! Thank you, Janet, and The Opens Mind Book Club. You’ve made my week bright with your photos and emails! 

Yours truly, Sarah 
P.S. Stay tuned for more featured book clubs, which could be yours! If your club is discussing The Baker’s Daughter and would like to send me photos of your fun event, please feel free to contact me at I’d love to hear from you!  


  1. I discovered your book when it was given to me as a gift because I am named McCoy too.(maiden name) But I was hooked when I read it. Cannot wait for your future books to be out.

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