Posted by: Sarah | October 8, 2012

Fantastisk! @Gyldendal sends me the Bakerens Datter!

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It’s another cover-loving Monday!

My fantastisk Norwegian publisher Glydendal sent me a Christmas-morning-like box of these stunning Norwegian editions of The Baker’s Daughter (translation: Bakerens Datter). It is a jaw-dropping jacket design, complete with a hanging backerei pretzel sign, German village street (just as I envisioned Garmisch) and WWII fighter planes in a V-formation on the back. And may I just take a minute to comment on the size, which is different from every other country’s version of the novel: it’s a hardback between the dimensions of the U.S. hardback and paperback (as shown in the photo above). It makes a lovely package— a hardback that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. I’m nuts over it. I’ve been walking around the house carrying it all day. Maybe it’s just me. It harkens back to the feel of some of my most treasured literary classics in a similar size.

In gratitude (and in my excitement) for the gorgeous and exceptional job Glydendal did in translating and packaging my book, I baked banana bread! Well, banana-oat-&-flaxseed bread muffins. My husband (Doc B) is a fan of sweet breads in muffin form. He claims the parchment paper cups help maintain the freshness versus a sliced loaf. You won’t catch me arguing. Muffins (and their cousin, the venerated cupcake) are such happy, little noshes. Plus the sight of a dozen muffins in a row— or V as the case may be— appeals to my Type-A love of symmetry.

A stor tusen takk (big thank you very much!) to my superb publisher and Norwegian publishing team! I am so grateful for all your work to bring The Baker’s Daughter to your fabulous country and readers. I can’t wait for it to launch and hit bookshelves!

Yours truly, Sarah 



  1. I love that cover.

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