Posted by: Sarah | October 17, 2012

#BooktopiaCA– Santa Cruz here I come!

I’m off to California for the glorious author-reader love-fest that is 2012 #BooktopiaCA, Santa Cruz!

Having just spent four days in Nashville for the incredible Southern Festival of Books, I’m pit-stopping in El Paso with exactly three days between airplanes. (If you’re interested in the pics from SFOB, including fabulous authors Gillian Flynn, Junot Diaz, Ruta Sepetys and more, click on this link for my Facebook “2012 Southern Festival of Books” photo album.)

This wanderlust life has me riding high and throwing my OCD-packing anxieties to the wind. No time for them. I’m simply swapping my small suitcase for my larger one, tossing everything from one to the other, dirty clothes in the hamper, clean clothes in a row, and off we go from one end of the USA to the other! I knew going into the month that October was going to be a carousel of book fun, so I was prepared for the carnival sugar surge that I’m currently tanked up on. This, you see, is officially my last month of official book touring for The Baker’s Daughter. (Or, at least, no more travels are currently planned for 2012… but I’m a ‘yes-yes’ woman so you never know.) I’m determined to go out with a big glass of Napa Valley Prosecco in hand. 

Up next: Books On The Nightstand’s #BooktopiaCA weekend with a sold-out crowd of reader attendees and this fine list of featured authors:

I’m honored to be with these amazing writers, audiobook narrators, podcast organizers Michael Kindness and Ann Kingman, plus a phenomenal audience of weekend retreat readers. If you are not yet familiar with Books On The Nightstand (BOTNS), I can’t recommend this pair of brilliant, genuine book aficionados more highly. I’m an avid listener and they never fail to leave me smiling and purchasing new reads. Here’s a link to get you started: Podcast #197 with “Two Books We Can’t Wait For You To Read” featuring The Baker’s Daughter. The #BooktopiaCA weekend is October 19-21.

Following that, I’m making a research stop for Book #3 on Monday, October 22, before cruising into San Francisco for an event at Books, Inc. (Marina): Tuesday, October 23 at 7 p.m. If you’re a Bay Area reader, COME ON OUT! This event is free and open to all. I’d love to meet you! Afterward, I’m back on the road to Sonoma for my last stop on the Cali tour.

THEN, I have sworn to the sun (my editor/publisher at Crown), moon (lit agent) and stars (book 3 characters) that I will sit down at my writing desk and work until my eyeballs fall out of my skull.

Two things I promise to do before/during that predestined period: 1) Post pictures of every stop on my West Coast book tour and 2) SKYPE with book clubs across the globe for the rest of 2012 into 2013. I have a handful of clubs signed up for the New Year already so email me to secure your date ASAP, friends! As soon as I’m settled at my desk in November, I’ll upload those SKYPEs to my events calendar. 

What an incredible year it has been. The Baker’s Daughter launched in January 2012, so it’s been nearly a year of book touring for her. My deepest thanks to ALL the amazing booksellers who’ve invited and hosted me at their lovely bookstores. Most of all, my gratitude is to you, THE READERS, who’ve welcomed me to your cities and countries, your homes and living rooms, and even your kitchen tables! I am daily humbled to be blessed by your devotion to this novel and my writing. 

Yours truly, Sarah

P.S. “Like” my Facebook Fan Page for all the California event updates and photos. 




  1. I’m so jealous I can’t be there ;-). Why aren’t you coming to Arizona again?And – look – you got your RED COWBOY BOOTS! Niceeee.

  2. Sarah, the west coast tour sounds wonderful!! I met Ann Kingman at NEIBA, and she was just so very kind!! She was of course busy with book store peeps but it was nice to say hi, and snag some new books:). I look forward to the many pictures to come….be safe and have a blast!!

  3. Thanks for finally talking about >#BooktopiaCA- Santa Cruz here I come!
    | <Liked it!

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