Posted by: Sarah | November 1, 2012

THE BAKER’S DAUGHTER #GoodreadsChoice 2012 Best Historical Fiction on @Goodreads

Friends, readers, countrymen, lend me your ears:
The Baker’s Daughter is a nominees for the Goodreads Choice Award for Best Historical Fiction in 2012– and the winner is determined by YOU!

THE BAKER’S DAUGHTER up for Best Historical Fiction.
Please vote, friends!

I have no bones about summoning the mighty spirit of Shakespeare’s Mark Anthony regarding this award. I’m humbled to my knees with gratitude for the nomination. My fellow nominees are some of the most admirable and lauded writers in the business. To be beside them in your esteem and consideration is a dream come true. Goodreads being the voice of the reading people, this means so very, very much to me. Whether The Baker’s Daughter wins or not, the fact that she’s on the voting ballot nearly a YEAR after releasing! Well… I’m bubbling over like a hot apple pie.

So while the voting has just begun, and I have no idea what the outcome will be, I want to express my wholehearted thanks: Thank you, my amazing readers, for passing this book to your book clubs, loved ones, friends, neighbors, and everybody else. Thank you for cheering me on through my many months of book touring the country. And most importantly, thank you for embracing this story and its characters with such devotion and warmth. I’ve hugged many of you at bookstores around the globe and virtually sat in book group living rooms via Skype, but I still wish I could be in touch with more of you! You each deserve a personal thank-you. I can only hope that my appreciation is felt in spirit, if not in body.

If you’re a Goodreads member, please vote for your favorite books in every category of these Choice Awards. If you’re not a member, sign up is free! Don’t wait another minute. I am extending the official invitation. Then you can not just vote but join an incredible community of readers and books. This is an electoral year, after all. Voting for books seems to bolster the literary community as a whole rather than dividing, and I like that very much. So exercise your voice and choice. Get your clicker finger warmed up and head on over to Goodreads here: VOTE #GoodreadsChoice Awards.

On a quick, other note: October was a tremendous month. This amazing Goodreads news came just after I returned from a fabulous California book tour. Here’s a link to the Booktopia Q&A podcast on the final day. I can’t stop crowing about how much fun we had together. While I usually don’t subscribe to the “picture is worth a thousand words,” for brevity, I do believe it fits here. So if you missed any part of my Booktopia Santa Cruz, Books Inc. and Sonoma stops, click here for the Facebook albums. If you’re interested in seeing all the “between takes,” here are the rest of our Cali journey photos. Doc B was with me from Nashville to Santa Cruz this busy book biz month. It was a blast! 

Booktopia Santa Cruz featured authors with our glorious Random House hosts.
Back row: Cara Black, Grover Gardner, Adam Johnson, Lynne Cox, Tupelo Hassman, Ann Packer. Front row: Simon Vance, Tayari Jones, Michael Kindness, Ann Kingman, Sarah McCoy, Matthew Dicks.

November marks the beginning of my Skype-only agenda. So if you and your book club are interested in chatting, feel free to get in touch with me. I’d love to hear from you. Now… off to the polls we go! Each vote counts as we decide both the man to lead our nation and the 2012 books that led our imaginations! 

Yours truly, Sarah 



  1. I voted! Looks like your tour was a blast. Hope you and Doc B had a great time. But the real question is: did you take any Jeep tours :-)?

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