Posted by: Sarah | November 28, 2012

#FREE #Holiday Bookplates 2012

‘Tis the season to… wear ridiculous costumes for your family’s merrymaking.

Happy Holidays, friends! Macy’s Santa Claus has arrived, which means the official holiday gift-giving season has commenced. Gilly is outfitted for merriment and lucky for me, fur-babes can’t bill their flesh family for costume trauma therapy. The sight and sound of him jingling about the house (the collar has bells on it) makes me holly-jollier than I can express. My oh-Christmas-tree’s lovely branches are bedazzled and my halls are decked so now… 

In the spirit of giving, I am shouting the online word that I have FREE HOLIDAY BOOKPLATES for your gift(s) and/or personal copies of The Baker’s Daughter in my hot, little hands. If you are an e-Reader fan, you can also receive a signed holiday bookplate to put wherever your heart desires.

Truthfully, I wish I could send you each a gift of thanks for the extraordinary year you’ve given me. So many new friends met at each book event from California to Boston and across the globe to Holland. I’m thrilled to send you personalized bookplates. It’s the very least I can do to wish you warmest greetings this holiday season.

Now that I’ve gushed on how amazing you are,
here are the technical details of requesting the free holiday plates:

Simply go to my website CONTACT page and fill out the form. Ta-da! That’s it. If you’d like to contact me regarding a book club Skype visit in 2013, I’m booking the calendar so please email me at the provided address.

See how easy that is? Click-click, type-type, done. You can’t even write St. Nick a letter that fast. Well, unless you’re an elf with thumbs made for iPhone/SmartPhone. I happen to have rather large writer thumbs flattened to the size of ladyfinger cookies from too much use. They work perfectly for holding an ink pen and signing bookplates. So click on the link above and request yours today!

My momma and daddy
in Virginia

I’ll be mailing bookplate gifts up until the hour I’m secreted away to the chestnuts roasting- Jack Frost nipping- Yuletide caroling- dressed up like Eskimo hideaway that is my family home in Virginia. 

Happy Holidays
(I hear Bing Crosby every time I say it),



  1. Can I just have a little matted picture of Gilly? He is just precious!!! What a year 2013 was for you. I am so happy I was a part of it xoxo.

  2. I agree with Anita, I want a matted picture of Gilly too. He is so CUTE and was very well behaved when my class Skyped with you. (I was in the second front row with the long-sleeved red shirt, can’t miss me. Hehe.) I read the Baker’s Daughter for my English class and I really enjoyed it. I even reccommended it to my mom. Thank you for Skyping with my English class and for writing the Baker’s Daughter.

  3. I just wanted to write and thank you for also Skyping my English class. I truly enjoyed The Baker’s Daughter and attempted to make Oma’s jam unsuccessfully. The spiced crumb cake turned out much better and my two little dogs gave it four paws up. They stole it right off my plate when I was more focused on the news for a moment. Anyways, on top of the recipe being a new favorite, so is your book. I have recommended it to several friends and relatives and even loaned my copy out already. You mentioned 4 missing chapters and I was just wondering what or who they dealt with and if you ever thought of posting a short story on your blog to share them? I really enjoy the way you write and knowing there are 4 more chapters I haven’t read is literary torture. I am really looking forward to reading your next book, you mentioned it had to do with the CIvil War, and cant wait for it to come out! Thanks and keep up the amazing work!

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