Posted by: Sarah | January 2, 2013

Where is Sarah McCoy? Hermitage 2013

Book 3 has me transported to its fictional territory until completion in early summer.

Book 3 has me transported to its fictional territory until completion in early summer.

Dear Reader Friends,

Let me start by wishing you all a beautiful, blessed and prosperous 2013! What a tremendous year 2012 was for us— a whirlwind of THE BAKER’S DAUGHTER magic that took me from Boston to Santa Cruz to the bestsellers list in Amsterdam. I can’t thank you each and all enough for your enduring support and devotion to me and my work. I met so many new friends that instantly became forever kindreds. Thank you for every open hand of grace and hospitality in every city across the globe. Thank you for reading and loving my characters and sharing your personal stories with me. Thank you for each warm hug and each cheek kiss. I am overcome with gratitude for the blessings of 2012. That being said, I have GREAT expectations for an even more miraculous 2013, brimming over with hope, joy, adventure and wonders. I’m certain the same awaits each of you. My momma tells me that if you look patiently and expectantly for the sun, it will eventually shine. It’s a law of nature. So is the good in each day.

Now, to the true news of this post. I must bid you farewell for a time, put on my cloak and go under the spell of the writerly night. However, I assure you that Hermitage 2013 is not perpetual. I am taking a social media hiatus (blackout) from now (January 2013) through the spring. I have an early summer deadline, you see. I’ve promised Crown/Random House and you, good readers, my third novel. To meet that goal, I must disconnect myself from the tweets and “Likes” and pings of email. Reality must wane so I can venture back-back to the third book’s fictional dreamscape where my characters have waited (impatiently) all of 2012 as I book toured for THE BAKER’S DAUGHTER.

Antebellum Virginia GoodsTo give you a taste of that, here’s the book news snippet from the publishers marketplace:

Fiction (General/Literary: Author of the international bestseller The Baker’s Daughter, Sarah McCoy returns with her third, much-anticipated novel, about the daughter of a famous historical abolitionist who is rendered sterile and a modern couple struggling to conceive who find a mysterious relic in their renovated home that links the past to the present and helps them see that there has always been more than one way to have a family, to Crown.

I hope that wets your whistle and you forgive me the truancy from our beloved literary community on Twitter, Facebook and blogs. I hope the idiom “Absence makes the heart grow fonder” rings true and my voice doesn’t fade from your imaginations during my sabbatical. While my body may be at my desk in El Paso, my mind will be in antebellum and present-day Virginia. I’ll reemerge here when the weather warms with a new beloved book baby under my arm.

Meantime, there is one caveat to my recluse writing contract: I will be online tweeting Sunday nights during the hour episodes of Downton Abbey. I am a huge fan, turned onto the show by my Twitter readers of impeccable taste. That will be my reward each week for keeping my resolve not to procrastinate and socialize on social media. If you care to say hello, I’d absolutely love to hear from you! However, once that magical hour is over, I’ll have to pop back into my pumpkin carriage and drive off before my trusty steeds turn to mice. So if I don’t respond, please, please know that I read your tweet and it is taking every ounce of discipline not to reply immediately.

How I shall miss you, friends, most desperately. But the sacrifice is necessary. The writing demands it and is a fiercely jealous muse. Please continue to chat with me and other readers on Facebook, Twitter, send me emails, and request signed bookplates for all of your lovely books and e-Readers. I promise to read every message and send spirit hugs to you. So now… I bid you adieu until Sunday’s Downton Abbey hour or the first blush of summer’s arrival. 

Yours most truly, Sarah



  1. Good wishes with your writing, kiddo! We’re all behind you, and not just because we can hardly wait to get your next book into our hot little hands.

  2. Smart, Sarah! I love it that you’re letting the muse have its way with you, free of distraction. I applaud and wait for that day when I’ll do the same. Happy writing!

  3. I love this idea. I wish you luck on your writing hiatus…I cannot wait to read the finished product.

  4. See you on the other side! Will miss your peppy tweets, but will be in editing isolation as well. Happy 2013.

  5. I am sad yet excited for your online sabbatical for I will miss your sweet face in my feeds yet will be consoled that a wonderful novel will be waiting for us at the end.

    Happy hermitage! xoxo

  6. Best of luck with the next book. I’ll meet you on Sunday Downton Abbey nights.

  7. Will look forward to hearing from you on Sunday nights! Love the “hook” to your next story! Very interesting. Sounds mysterious… You are my homepage…. may have to change it until the summer!

  8. Sarah, you will be missed. Happy writing. I can’t wait for your new book. xo

  9. Sarah,
    I would like to email you. I am a distant cousin of Hallie Ermine Rives. My maternal grandmother was “Lula” Mary Rives from Hopkinsville, Ky. I have worked with though I am not a member at the current time. Information is on Rives Family and on Buell Family.

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