Posted by: Sarah | October 1, 2012

Bellissimo! @EditriceNord Sends Me an Italian Peek

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The mailman is better than Santa Claus. A) He comes more than once a year. B) While good ole Saint Nick brings glitter-wrapped toys, my mailman brings me sandy brown boxes of BOOKS. Seriously. No elf workshop can compete.

This weekend the mailman delivered this… all the way from my publisher NORD in Milan, Italy. It is the extraordinary advance promo package being sent around to all the booksellers in Italy introducing The Baker’s Daughter months ahead of its release. The Baker’s Daughter is titled La Figlia dei ricordi, which translates to the Daughter of Memories. It and the cover are so ethereal and poetic, they take my breath away. Quite literally.

It just so happens that the day I received this gift, my rosebushes burst with red and yellow blooms. Perhaps the garden angels were gushing over what they knew was en route. In the wake of a slightly neurotic weekend, these blooms and books (no matter how common others might think them) were nothing short of seraphic wonders in my world. I’ve got them sitting side by side at this very minute, and I’m still marveling. I have a feeling I’ll be doing so for quite some time.

A wholehearted molte grazie to the exceptional team at NORD publishing! If this is what they’ve put together for the pre-release, I can’t even imagine what they have up their magical sleeves for the official launch celebration. I’ll be sure to share every moment with you all. So sound the horns to all your Italian nonnas and famiglia! Perhaps I’ll even have the chance to meet some of them in the future. It would be il mio onore.

(While I’m continuing to learn Dutch, I’m now pulling out my Italian dictionary, too!) 

Yours truly, Sarah



  1. Wow, Sarah, the Italian release is simply gorgeous. I’m so happy and excited for you!

  2. Sarah – this is GORGEOUS. And is that a package of baked goods I see in there as well? I agree – what an impressive way to debut your novel. So, so happy your book is taking off with such gusto. As you know, it was one of my favorites in 2012. Still is :-). And look at you and the doctor in that pic. Such fun.

  3. Hi Sarah,
    As the author of this beautiful book, I thought I should introduce myself to you – I am Sinopa Rin, the girl on the cover of your novel. Congratulations on the publication and good luck in the future.
    Best wishes

    • Dear, lovely Rin,

      It is *such* a pleasure to meet the Italian face of THE BAKER’S DAUGHTER! Thank you for your gracious words regarding my novel and for so poetically capturing the emotional struggle, heart and beauty of my book’s women. I hope we keep in touch and am so happy to know you, my bellissimo cover girl!

      Yours truly,

      • Thank you so much for your kind words! It is a pleasure to be your cover girl. I hope we do keep in touch: feel free to drop me an email via my website ( any time as I would love to perhaps meet you some day – I should at least buy one of your books! Perhaps you would be willing to sign one for me? Thanks again for letting me be part of your lovely novel.

        Best wishes

  4. Pleased to see that they used one of my photographs.

  5. The original is here:

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